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Still Alive

6 Jun

Hey, out there! So sorry I haven’t posted any more chapters or ANYTHING at all! I have been wrapped up in getting my new ZUMBA® business off the ground.

Finally, the fundraiser I ran on June 1st – with the dual purpose to help a local food pantry AND let people know about my ZUMBA® classes starting – is over and the classes start next week. I can take a breather!

And then there’s this kid. He takes up the rest of my time. Seriously cute, but seriously high maintenance! But I can’t say no to him…that’s why Dad kicks around! 😉


So I am busy working on another chapter to SAHM – stay tuned 🙂 Again, sorry it’s been so long!



Let Me Let You Know

14 Mar

These past few months have been a little crazy. Everyone has been sick and when the sickness hits the last person finally, it also hits the first person who got it…again. Winter sucks. We are seriously thinking about moving somewhere else. My poor baby has gotten the brunt of it. There has only been about 3 days when he hasn’t had an ear infection, cold or a fever. Today is one of those days and now we have to go to the dr this afternoon and catch up on all his shots. So he will still be miserable! I don’t envy myself the afternoon I will have.

The older boys have had colds and coughs but thankfully no need for antibiotics again. And they refuse to get their hair cut. They look like ragamuffins. I say that if I can drag you around by your hair, it’s way too long.

I’ve had a sore throat and a cough for almost two weeks now. I am starting to think (ahhh…right there! Mmmm! I’m getting a pedicure right now and she’s massaging my feet. It’s all about multitasking, people.) Where was I?

I am starting to think I had some sort of more serious condition like pneumonia or strep, and because I didn’t have it looked at, my voice will never go back to normal. But I always think the worst and over think everything.

Last Friday, Hiccup had a sore throat and it hurt when he swallowed. Well, before I figured this out, I imagined that he swallowed something when I wasn’t looking and now it was trapped in his esophagus and cutting everything open on the way down, making him scream in pain. I actually put him in his car seat and was on my way to the ER when he fell asleep in the car. I made myself calm down and rationally think things through before I went in there. But you see how your mind fears the worst in a matter of seconds. Don’t deny it, I know I’m not the only one who does it.

Not only have we been sick, but we’ve also been trying to stay active. We’ve been going to the Y almost every day. I really love Zumba and hubby has gotten me to start using the weight machines. It’s still not my favorite but it all helps, right? I was taking a swimming class, too, but it got to be too hard to do right in the middle of the day with the baby and only minutes after Little A’s bus comes. And it turns out I’m not that great a swimmer and should really take some adult beginner classes but those cost some extra $$ over what we already pay to the Y.

I have a busy month coming up for travel. Next week is Vegas! I can’t wait! I’m having a girl’s weekend and my sister from AZ is going to meet me there!  We are going to road trip to the Grand Canyon and everything.

Then in about a month it’s our Spring Conference and this year it’s in Orlando! After the conference is over, I’m spending another day there to catch up with an old friend! (Well, she’s not old, but I’ve known her a long time. She’d get mad if I inferred that she was old in any way.)

Then sadly, the week after I get back is my last week at my job. I will miss my new friends, the travel and even the work! The week of the conference will be my two-year anniversary working there. They really need someone who can work more hours (not around their baby) and I no longer fit the bill. 😦

For my next job, I hope to work with cupcakes 😉 We’ll see what happens. But to start, I am trying out a little side business of showing girls how to make cake pops for birthday parties. This is right up my alley – l love to make them and I only have stinky boys around me all the time. Hanging out with girls will be fun. I can’t wait to giggle without getting a dirty look!

Don’t Let Me Get Me

9 Nov

It’s been a long couple of months. I am anxious to get back to writing here and catching up on my fave blogs that are listed over on the right. (Lower…lower…there you go.) I am going to try and post one little thing every day. Starting next week when I get back from another business trip. I will be home for a great while after that so my goal should be easier to meet. Hahahaha! (If you can’t laugh at yourself then something is wrong with you.)

But for now, I will just post an updated pic of Big A, Little A and Hiccup, who might be more aptly named Burp as of late. He’s 20 weeks old today!! (Yeah, I know you think he’s about 6 months old by his size, but you are wrong!)