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Spin Cycle: I Do Believe..that Mulder is a Fox!

16 Jun

This week’s Spin is about UFO’s and stuff. I don’t believe in anything for realz. If there were life on other planets, I believe that there would have always been a way created to “KIT” as they say in the yearbooks. But that is just my opinion.

Watching movies and shows about UFO’s and aliens, however is another thing. I love them! The X-Files got me hooked. Well, I am sure it was Foxy Mulder that did the trick, but, you know what I mean. And REALLY, I have to say that Hubby is the one that got me to watch The X-Files in the first place. And ever since then, I have been game to try new shows and movies as well. I am a little bit Syfy.

Currently my favorite shows are Warehouse 13 and V. Warehouse 13 is kind of like The X-Files but not. However, I have watched the 4400 and just recently watched a movie called The Fourth Kind. That makes you want to believe and practically convinces you that aliens exist. We also have seen all the big films: War of the Worlds, Skyline (more recent), The Day the Earth Stood Still, Independence Day, Galaxy Quest was a cute one, too, but more of a comedy, though. I guess you could even lump Star Wars and Star Trek stuff in there as well. Or anything with a spaceship! So now we are talking Serenity or the series Firefly, with Nathan Fillion, Battlestar Gallactica and Stargate, which Hubby loved.  Next on our Redbox list is Battlefield Los Angeles.

Ha – I just figured out why I like these shows. The reasons are below:

Interesting theory, huh?

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My Little A Collage Montage – Happy 5th Birthday, Babydoll!

11 Oct

The next Spin Cycle is all about collages. Mine is a tribute to my Little A, who is turning 5 tomorrow, October 12th. I can’t believe it! He is my little babydoll cutie patootie. Sickly as a child and now allergic to pretty much freakin’ everything; he’s small in size, except for his big head like his Daddy. Someday he will finish growing into it. He is a happy boy and lives in the moment. He looks for enjoyment in every minute of the day. Some minutes he chooses to torture me, but he even finds pleasure in that. I wish I could be more like him.

He is my little love, my sweetie, my precious; my misery, my migraine, my nightmare.

This one is for you, Little A! Happy Birthday!

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Christmas Wish List

10 Dec

This week’s spin is to write what we would like for Christmas. Can I just say that I don’t really want anything? Really. Stop laughing.

And please don’t gag, but I have to say that I have everything I could possibly need. A healthy family, a roof over my head, food on the table, clothes on my back, running cars, and money in the bank. Yah, I know…I am a spoiled brat!

So as far as material items, no, I’m good. Other things I would like would be:

  •  NO, not World Peace. Everyone has said that one. While it would be nice, that is not what I am going to ask for. What I would wish for would be clean children. Is that so hard? Why do they have to wipe their hands on their clothes and the table, and the chairs or whatever is around while they are eating. Really? Are you my children? I am so neat and picky and I hate messes. Thus, God has blessed me with dirty, smelly, stinky, sticky boys! However adorable I think they might be, that doesn’t excuse the mess.


  • Can they just eat over their plate, too, while we are on the subject? It’s not like it’s rocket science. Although the little one could probably figure that out.


  • DRY, four-year old underwear. Little dude, you are potty trained. You are standing at the toilet. You even have a stool to help you reach up there. WHY must you pee in your pants? Are you not paying attention? Did the awesomest, coolest, bestest airplane ever fly through the bathroom so you had to turn and look and in the process you whizzed all over the toilet seat and your underwear? Come on.


  • 75 degree weather and no snow


  •   That the powers that be bring back Friends. I so loved that show.


  •  That you could rewind time for Rachel and not let her take that Twilight quiz on Facebook. The answer that she was given totally gave away everything that happened in the last books she hadn’t read yet. Her life is now meaningless.


  •  And while we are on the subject, another Twilight book would be nice as well, Ms. Meyer!


  • I would also like for my children’s eczema to go away completely and forever!


  • To have a publisher and marketing agency magically come to my door or email address and volunteer to get me up and running. That would be SWEET!


  • OK, also World Peace. What?


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