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RTT – It’s Not a TOOMAH!

26 Oct

Is it Tuesday already?! The weeks are just flying by, aren’t they? And this week has been a doozy!

*Recently I have developed a nasty Dorito craving. Like, make Hubby run to 7-11 to pick me up a bag while we watch our evening shows. He’s got his popcorn and beer. I like my Doritos and Cherry Coke Zero. Or just Coke Zero. Is it just me or do others have crazy food phases? Like for awhile I was really into Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Frozen Yogurt. And for awhile it was the McDonald’s Iced Mocha. Non-fat, but still..craved it. Why can’t I crave like broccoli or something? I’m not even sure I spelled broccoli correctly. That is how much I DON’T crave it.

*So last night I found a growth in my red pepper:

Weird, huh? I showed Hubby and he shouts, “IT’S NOT A TOOMAH!” He does a good Arnold impersonation. And that is what my Boss Goddess commented on the pic when I posted it on FaceBook. Funny.

*Little A has been having some weird breathing attacks. I would say asthma but the doctor hasn’t officially called it that yet. We have to nebulize him all the time and now he is on steroids. You do not want to see this kid on steroids. He turns into a tiny, hyper, 16 year old girl with PMS. Hubby says I am bad. Not. Even. Close.

*The Midwest is going through some weird tropical storm-like weather today. The wind is so bad it sounds like you are sitting by the ocean and listening to waves. There were some serious tornado warnings, too. Add Little A into that and you have The Perfect Storm.

*So this weekend is Halloween. What are you dressing up as? Big A is going to be Darth Vader. Little A wants to be Spiderman. I have this cute Spider costume that Big A wore when he was that age but Little A will have nothing to do with it. He looks sooo cute in it. But no! I am trying to convince him that he can be the Spider that bit Spiderman and gave him all his powers. He’s not buying it. I also thought he would make a cute little Yoda to go with Darth Vader. He is not interested in that either.

*There is this new show on this season called Mike & Molly. I think it is pretty cute and it is set in Chicago, so I like it. It is about this couple that are trying to find love. They meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and their story goes on from there. Molly has a crazy Mom and Sister that are hilarious. Anyways, today was all a-Twitter about this article some meanie wrote about the show. It was outrageous. I was outraged! You can read it here and make more nasty comments like the rest of us did. I can’t believe Marie Claire approved this article. As somone tweeted, this is adults bullying adults. Why is this OK? Outraged, I tell you! And I realize I am just feeding them more press but seriously…OUTRAGED! A friend gave me a link to another article she wrote and she mentioned that she recently heard the term when women who have great bodies but who aren’t necessarily pretty in the face are called “Butterface”. As in her body is hot, but her face is not. Now, I have never seen this “journalist”. She could be ugly as ass or gorgeous, but from the way she talks about people in that article, you can bet she is a skinny bi-atch. And because of the way she talks about people, she IS ugly as ass. So that is my nickname for her. Butterface.

Well, time to check out other Random thoughts over at Keely’s! She is NOT a Butterface 🙂



12 Oct

 It’s Tuesday again. RTT, you look shocked! I said I’d be back more often…did you doubt me? It’s ok, I would, too.

*Today is Little A’s birthday! Everybody say, “AWWWWWWWWW!” Why, thank you! Poor thing – someone gave him a stomach bug for his birthday so he is not up to par today. He was at school for a brief time this morning and they celebrated with him. But shortly after cupcakes, I got a phone call. “Yeah, gross, I will be right over,” was my response. I won’t tell you anymore about that, however.

*Anybody else annoyed with spam more than ever these days? Jeez. Twitter spam, if I had an urgent message, it would sent it to my Twitter account! Stupid Twitter spam. The same with you, LinkedIn Spam and Facebook Spam. Just because we are all about social networking these days, does not mean we are stupid! And maybe I would believe you sometimes if you didn’t send me 8 messages at a time! Nice try!

*It is supposed to be Fall/Autumn. It is nearing mid-October. This week the weather has ranged from the 60’s-80’s. I am not complaining, really, but I just wish it would pick something and stick with it. It is wreaking havoc on the sinuses. Little A especially who is sensitive to everything. And lately there are these little “can’t see-um” (barely can see them actually) bugs flying around EVERYWHERE. Not just in little swarms here and there, but all over. At first I thought it was a bad pollen day or I don’t know, something. But when I really looked, the specks had direction and were not just floating about. Yuck. How many of those have we swallowed?

 *I don’t like the fact that my new Blu-ray DVD player has messages for me. It’s kind of creepy. When you turn it on it says, “WELCOME”. I believe it also says, “ENJOY” after I start the movie before it changes to the counter. Or is that the microwave? Now that may just seem nice or pleasant to you, but the really creepy thing is that it says “SEE YOU” when I turn it off. And because it is in front of my bed, staring at me at night, I believe it. You Blu-ray guys think you are soooo funny. Well, you’ll see when all the parts come to life and turn on you in the factory. Not so funny then, I bet.

*My boss is in Australia this week. That is super cool, although she hates flying. And boy did she have a trip. I think it was a total of 25 hours or so. But like, 5 flights. Crazy! And only for a week. She left Friday and gets back this coming Sunday night. Our Asia-Pacific chapter is having a conference there. ANYWAYS, I miss her. We talk a lot each day as we both work from home and so far, it really sucks. I don’t know how she has been doing it for so long. I’m LONELY!!

*And now, I am realizing that I think I have some bug myself. But not what Aidan has. I feel really blah and have a headache and I’m kind of feverish and so tired. I blame the weather!

Well, I believe you will find more interesting random thoughts over at Keely’s. Tell her I sent ya!

RTT: Is it a sharp poop or is it just paranormal activity?

17 Nov

This week’s Random Tuesday Thoughts are brought to you by: the monster under my bed. Man, do I hate that guy.

*This past Saturday, my niece, Bry and Cowee, her boyfriend, babysat and Hubby and I had a nice dinner out alone. We went to a Mexican restaurant – he had steak tacos and a Pacifico, and I had a taco salad and a Rasberry Margarita on the rocks. We also shared a chocolate chimichanga or something and unbeknownst to me, my life would soon change forever!

After, we decided to go to a movie. We were going to see 2012, but it was sold out. So we decided to see Paranormal Activity. I have never had bad dreams after movies, scary or otherwise. I still don’t. But after seeing this, I do have irrational fears now. I haven’t slept very well at all because this movie not only scared me, but creeped me out entirely. I keep thinking about it at night when trying to go to sleep and then I see things in the shadows and hear things in the walls. I usually can pass things off as nothing because it is in a fictional movie, but not this time. I am not going to say a lot about the movie itself, but to give you a glimpse into my crazy fear, I can no longer hang my foot off the side of the bed for fear that I will be dragged down the hall into my impending death. Really a great movie for the scare factor if you are into that – check it out! (My inner child, curled up in the fetal position and rocking uncontrollably while sucking her thumb screams, “DON’T DO IT!”)

*Did I mention how awesome pumpkin seeds are? I think I did.

*This Wednesday my niece turns 21! OMG. I am so friggin’ old! And on top of that, she wants me to take her out for martinis.  So, what…so she could get carded and show her new ID and I just get waved away because I am so obviously old enough to have created alcohol itself compared to her? Pffbbttt. Like, whatever.

*Friday night I went to a coworker’s son’s school for a craft fair and bake sale. Every single direct sales company you could think of was there! It was like heaven, only I was at the pearly gates looking in because I don’t really have the money to spend on all of that stuff! I did buy some stuff from the bake sale and some peppermint bark and sugar coated pecans for Hubby from these ladies who made it themselves: Sweets ALL Ways Yummy, they are delicious! But it was mass craziness there and $2 to even get into the room! All for a good cause, I know, but still….

*Is anyone else concerned that squirrels might take over the world? Probably not with all this other stuff going on. No one is watching out for the squirrels! Fear not because I am…..I am. Everyone says they are rats with fluffy tails, right? Why do we not like rats inside, but think they are oh, so cute outside running around and multiplying like rabbits? And they are getting pretty fat, too. What are they eating – little children? On my way out of our sub-division, I counted 10 squirrels in people’s yards. We are talking like one block. (Our sub-division is not very big.) I used to think crows were going to take over. Have you seen how big those things get? They are like little hawks, ready to peck out your eyeballs. But I haven’t seen as many around these days. Now, it’s all about the squirrels. You’ll see…’ll see.

*Some of Little A’s Random Thoughts:

Little A is in a “Life isn’t fair” stage. I don’t even know where he heard it! After being put to bed last night: ” It’s not fair that some people get to watch TV while other people are trying to go to sleep.”

On the way to school, “It’s not fair that you don’t take me to McDonalds every day on the way to school!”

Big A was in the bathroom yelling for Dad. Little A says, “Maybe his butt hurts because he has a sharp poop.”

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