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Get the Party Started

5 Jan

Oh, it’s on! Healthageddon 2012. ? …I will think up a good name, don’t worry.

We (hubby and I) have decided to get our health on. It’s pretty much the only new year’s resolution I have. (Well, besides me saying “NO” more and not being a pushover.)

So we joined the YMCA. Apparently it’s for everyone now and not just the Young Man. (That song is in your head now, isn’t it? You’re welcome.)

We are also Eating Healthy. Waahh waahh. If you know me, you know I hate cooking. HATE IT. For some reason I can bake, and it tastes good and I like to do it. Cooking, not so much. It’s the same science, I know. But it’s like Chemistry or Physics. I only took Basic and Computer Science. Sue me. When I manage to make a successful meal, without starting a fire or at best, setting off the fire alarm, it’s usually something like spaghetti. Boil water, boil pasta, open bottle of sauce, pour in pot, heat up, maybe stir a little, drain pasta, put sauce on pasta. Viola! The kids love it. And the hardest part for me is opening the bottle.

So I have resolved to cook healthy, homemade meals. Usually Hubby cooks when he gets home from work. That oftentimes puts us at 8:30 pm eating dinner. That is not good for you. Plus, that is the boy’s bedtime. Or if we don’t wait for him to get home, I make spaghetti, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, sandwiches, etc. Sure, I add a bag of veggies sometimes, but those meals aren’t good for the kids all the time.

I joined Weight Watchers some time ago after having Hiccup. Maybe September? I can’t remember. But I have traveled so much and then there were the holidays, etc., excuses, excuses. Anyways, I haven’t lost as much as I have wanted to in that time. I haven’t really gained either; however, losing is one of the goals now. The other is changing our eating habits to be healthy ones. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. So if someone says, should you be eating that? Aren’t you on a diet? NO. (There I go again!) The reason it works is that you can eat whatever you want. Should you eat whatever you want? Probably not, but if you deny yourself all the time, it just makes you feel miserable. “Everything in moderation”. At the very least, I hope to be able to sing like Jennifer Hudson when this is over. Oh, be quiet, you never know. So, we joined the Y on Sunday. I had planned to go every day from now until eternity. Stop laughing. Here are my excuses is a recap of my week:


3:00 PM Hubby joins the YMCA. Had company over – never made it to work out. I think it’s a law that you can’t work out the day you join anyways.


12:00 PM Went with a friend to Lake Geneva, WI to get a tattoo. We spent pretty much the rest of the day there.
6:00 PM Hubby works out alone. Hiccup is sick and we really didn’t want to bring him to the childcare. Plus he has eczema on his face which he keeps rubbing to wipe his nose. He’s a mess and looks like he’s been pulled through a knot hole backwards. (But childcare is free for up to two hours each time you go. Cool, huh? We plan to abuse the childcare. They are going to wish they never met the DM Wright Family.) (Still have yet to introduce the healthy meal..)


12:30 PM Went to Y and really did intend on doing something, but I got so lost looking for somewhere to put my coat that I ended up getting a tour of the place. Which I needed.
5:30 PM Took Little A to the grocery store to get ingredients/food for healthy meals. (Found some recipes on the Weight Watcher’s site earlier that I thought I could try.)
6:45 PM Start cooking healthy meal. This one was a sirloin and broccoli stir fry over egg noodles. W. T. H. I overcooked the broccoli/”sauce”. It ended up looking like goulash. I quickly made more broccoli in the microwave and added it to the mess. It was edible but certainly not pretty. The boys wouldn’t eat the mixture. Hubby didn’t mind. To somewhat quote Joey from Friends, “What’s not to like? Meat? Good. Broccoli? Good. Noodles? Good.” I admire his attitude about my cooking. I think he said something along the lines of, “You spent a lot of hard work preparing and cooking this meal. We are going to eat it whether it tastes good or not. That’s the rule.” *scratching head* Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I am deciding he meant it as a good thing.
8:00 PM Took the two older boys to Y and walked/ran around the indoor track. Which is above some basketball courts full of the young men. Like heat, stink rises – don’t know if you knew that. But now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


*This was the deadline to order prints from Walgreens for just 9 cents! Probably not a big deal to you, but I am going to a scrapbook weekend towards the end of the month and I needed to print a boatload of pictures. I haven’t really scrapbooked since 2008. That means I had THREE years to go through. Shocking. So I literally spent my lunch hour and every moment after work (when I wasn’t making a delicious, healthy meal) uploading 821 pictures. I should have done it earlier, but I was busy with other stuff. It was New Year’s weekend! You know, partaay.*
5:30 PM Healthy meal was a macaroni and cheese with broccoli bake. I made this one almost perfectly. I should have baked it a little bit longer so that the breadcrumbs on top would “bubble” but that didn’t happen. It was still good. The boys whined, complained, threw tantrums, “What the heck is on top of it?!” They cried, yelled and slammed doors. I felt so unappreciated. Especially since Hubby was nowhere to be found. He didn’t answer any phones and didn’t get home until close to 8 pm. (Turns out he got stuck in a meeting.) I yelled back at them and told them they didn’t have to eat it, but they weren’t getting anything else. I might have told them they should try it before getting so upset and treating me like shit poop. I might have said that.
8:00 PM Hubby comes home and eats. He loves it. At least he says he does. If not, he is making a valiant effort eating it.


12:40 PM Went to Y for new Cardio Aqua Fit class they have in the lap pool. The class starts next week.
1:00 PM Swam 4 laps. I could have done more, really. Physically, I could have done more, but I was having swimsuit issues. I don’t really have a swimsuit that is for athletics. Just some that are more for lying next to the pool or casually sauntering into the pool to keep an eye on the kiddies in the summer. Not for doing laps. Every time I pushed off or picked up some speed, my bottoms kind of fell down. And the more I used my arms, the more the left but slightly bigger twin “cupcake” kept popping out of my top. So I spent more of my time adjusting and struggling than I did swimming. Which isn’t a bad workout in and of itself whilst wading in the deeper end.
1:05 PM Got out of pool
2:00 PM Ordered new swimsuit online
6:00 PM Heated up mac & cheese for healthy dinner….

I started watching this show 2 Broke Girls. It’s pretty cute. At the end of it, they have a total of what I am assuming is how much money they have, and it goes up or down a little depending on what happened in the episode. So now when I write my Healthageddon 2012? (meh) posts, I am going to put total pounds lost or gained since the last post. I wish I could do a cool graphic and sound effect, but this is reality, folks, not Hollywood.

Feel free to tell me about your resolution adventures! Maybe we could start a club.

-6.4 Lost

(I’m starting from when I joined WW, because I can do that.)