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Little Bites of Heaven

21 Jan

I love cake pops. Well, not only do I love them, I love to MAKE them. Let’s face it, I love cupcakes, too. Sure, I get a sore back and swear like a sailor when I mess one up, but, I LOVE to make them and give them to the people I love.

What did you say?

What’s a cake pop?! Well, it all started when I found Bakerella. She makes them. I have blogged about her before here and here. I have also blogged about making cake pops here. All caught up? Fantastic!

So recently it was my niece-in-law, Sabrina’s 30th birthday and I decided to make them for her. We were told no presents were needed but that gag gifts could be fun. Well, she made my blog header above – isn’t is so cute?! And she wouldn’t take money for it but said I could pay her in cupcakes. I gave her some cupcakes at Thanksgiving:

At Christmas:

And now, for her birthday, I decided to make cupcake bites. Like pops, but not on a stick:

SO CUTE, right?! AND they are DEE-LISH-US!!

So that is my Friday Food Fight item. YUMMY! Let me know if you want me to make you some. I will do it!  😉

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Hot dog? Hot damn!

10 Dec

Yesterday my Mommy brought me lunch from Portillo’s. It is the best place to get a true Chicago Style hot dog. Now, don’t get me wrong…there are TONS of places IN Chicago to get a good hot dog; however, if you are not in Chicago and the place claims to have a Chicago Style hot dog…BEWARE! It is so not going to be one.

Portillo’s has been featured on many shows and has been said to have the best hot dogs and Italian Beef or “Cheesy Beef” sandwiches ever. I would have to agree. And they have a pretty good piece of chocolate cake. Don’t get me started on the shakes. Yummy. Why didn’t ask my mom for one of those, too? Shoot! A wasted opportunity.

Anyways, if you are ever in Chicago, go to Portillo’s. Don’t walk, run. You have to try everything I just mentioned above. So you might want to go a couple of times. Don’t worry, they have them everywhere here. (There are two locations in CA, if you are so lucky to live near there and also one in IN.) This is my Christmas gift to you, friend blogger. Merry Christmas!

Look at that beautiful meal! The hot dog is so scrumtious it is too long for the bun and it comes with a mouth-watering pickle. I get mine with relish, mustard and tomatoes. They used to put cucumbers on it but I don’t know what happened there. The only thing I don’t get is onions and peppers, which would complete a hot dog “with everything”. You can get sweet or hot peppers but never get ketchup on a Chicago hot dog. They will kick you out of the place. They have pretty awesome fries as well. As you can see, they are crinkle cut. Those you can eat with ketchup. In fact I recommend it. OR you can get a side of cheese, which Little A just LOVES. He won’t go to Portillo’s unless he can have his side of cheese.

You can even order stuff to be shipped to you if you want. We did that when we lived in Florida – had all of our favorite Chicago foods shipped to us for special occasions. It’s pretty cool, but not really the same as being there. Check it out on their website!

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Friday Food Fight!

29 Oct

It’s a new Meme today! Brought to you by the Brilliant Minds at Go Bananas, If I Could Escape and Run DMT!

It is a fun one, too – all about FOOD!! We are supposed to put a picture our favorite food, meal, snack or drink. And maybe one of us enjoying our tasty treat, if we want. Then on Fridays, we post our yummies and link up to one of the blogs above. That’s it and it sounds DIVINE!

SO, being from Chicago, home of the best pizzas in the world, of course that is what MY food for this week is!

My favorite place is called Giordano’s. They are known for their famous stuffed pizza. Now there is some debate about which place is the best. Those included being Gino’s East, Lou Malnati’s, Giordano’s, Edwardos – the list goes on.

My vote will always be for my sweet Giordano’s.

And here it is. The most perfect pizza in my world:

It’s the extra-large, thin crust with just cheese. My boys don’t like a lot on the pizza. Picky! But my ultimate favorite is the Special with sausage, mushrooms, green peppers and onions. It’s to die for.

A hot, cheesy, delicious piece of heaven. My mouth is watering just looking at this masterpiece. It’s almost time for lunch here, too, so I am starving and this looks like it will hit a few spots!

Now, about their stuffed pizza….

Can you say, OH, BABY!!!???

I don’t have a picture of me eating the pizza. I did actually have one but I can’t find it! BOO!

OK, I think I know what we are having for dinner tonight!

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