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Just Like a Pill

16 Feb

Usually I write my blog posts, but today I thought I would give you a visually stunning representation of my morning. I am supposed to have the day off from work, but as you know if you have children, there is no such thing. Forgive my inept drawings. I am a writer, not an illustrator. The curly haired one is Little A. Enjoy!


Don’t Let Me Get Me

9 Nov

It’s been a long couple of months. I am anxious to get back to writing here and catching up on my fave blogs that are listed over on the right. (Lower…lower…there you go.) I am going to try and post one little thing every day. Starting next week when I get back from another business trip. I will be home for a great while after that so my goal should be easier to meet. Hahahaha! (If you can’t laugh at yourself then something is wrong with you.)

But for now, I will just post an updated pic of Big A, Little A and Hiccup, who might be more aptly named Burp as of late. He’s 20 weeks old today!! (Yeah, I know you think he’s about 6 months old by his size, but you are wrong!)

Busy as a Bee!

26 Aug

So this baby keeps me busy. But look at him. So cute. Yes, you are! You are so cute!


I honestly forgot I had a blog. I also still have baby brain so don’t get offended. It’s not YOU, it’s ME. I am also working again and these other two..sheesh.

And ON TOP of that, school has started again! Little A is now in Kindergarten! How time flies – I was just writing this post about Big A starting Kindergarten,wasn’t I?? It was so sweet of me. And OMG, I just read it and made myself cry!  And now – see ya, Little A, don’t let the bus doors squish you. It’s not that I don’t wish the same for him and love him, it’s just that I am so darn busy and my brain is just not all there yet. I blame lack of sleep. And that baby up there. But I love you, Little A, and am so proud of you!

Big A has started football. And does he look big and tough with all those pads on!  Here he doesn’t have them on. This is after a practice. Sorry it’s blurry.

His first game is tomorrow. 8AM. Kind of early for my tastes…but these days, I’d be wide awake for it at 5AM so it doesn’t really matter to me, I guess! He is some sort of linemen, I think. No.. left guard. What’s the difference? I don’t know. I don’t do sports. I will watch his games, of course, and be his biggest fan! And I will probably learn stuff from that, but right now. Yeah, no. I did Volleyball in highschool. I sucked. Coach did pull me out as a “secret weapon” when we needed points. That was his clever way of making me feel good and a part of the team, not just warming the bench. Or getting water for the super good players. My secret weapon? I served SO BAD that I could barely make the ball over the net. It landed right on the other side of it – so close that the opposing team players couldn’t get to it in time. So close that we worried every single time I served, that the ball would graze the net. Sure, it’s funny now. Stop laughing though.

But enough about we guys…how have YOU guys been?! I did not forget about YOU guys! You’re darling! I’ve missed you!