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Hawaii Hang Loose \nnn/

13 Mar

I have had my Hawaii paradise vacation! It was AWESOME. We went to the Big Island on March 10-17th. Below is my diary of our adventures!!









Day 1 We travelled ALL day. Our flight was at 7:30am to Phoenix – a 3 1/2 hour trip. I waved to my sister who works in the highest room of the tallest tower in the city. 🙂 Then we grabbed a quick lunch and found our gate for the second leg of the trip. It was an 8 hour trip. We watched The Blind Side – great movie – love Sandra Bullock – tears!! About an hour before we were to land, we decided to have Mai Tai’s to get into the spirit of things! Once we landed there was like, 3 gates and 3 baggage carousels, all outside. Hubby got me a lei and we successfully acquired all luggage and headed for the shuttle to get our rental car – a convertible! That took forever. On the way to the hotel, I expected to see beautiful palm trees and plant life but there was only black and red lava rock! But the cool thing was the Hawaiian graffiti all over which is white coral rocks on the black lava rock along the highways. By the time we got to the hotel, it was about 9pm Chicago time and I was starving! We freshened up real quick and had dinner across from the hotel at a great restaurant called Roy’s. The food was amazing! We were so tired, however and went to sleep at 8pm Hawaii time but it was really midnight for us. Time change is rough. Oh, I know – boo hoo, you say, you were in Hawaii, get over it, right? I figured.







Day 2 – We took the old rental car out for a spin and went site-seeing on the mountain after the best breakfast buffet ever! Malasada=doughnuts=awesome!! I should have taken a picture of them because they were almost my favorite part of the whole trip! We got up so early because of the time difference even though we went to bed so “late”. Up on this look-out, we could see down to the beach below. There was a whale on the beach that was pretty torn up from the surf. So sad. Later we met a family who ran into the same whale and said they let their kids jump and play on it. “It was cool to feel the blubber.” O…M…G….that is so disgusting. Is it just me? I would never let my kids or anyone I was with, touch a decaying, rotting, carcass of a dead ANYTHING! We did a lot of driving and found a Walmart in Kona. We got some food for lunches and picnics, some snacks, water and beer for our mini-fridge and then we had lunch at Genki Sushi. It was like a Sushi Station but there were lots of different items and not as many sushi rolls. Hubs did some snorkeling when we came back to the hotel. I laid on a chair on the beach watching him and reading. I had brought the book, The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. Not the best book to read while on a paradise vacation. I cried through the whole thing!! The natives were staring! The trade winds were so bad, however, that I had to move to the pool area because sand was whipping at me. I later found it imbedded in my hair, ears and other crevices that I will not disclose at this time. That night, we dressed up and had dinner at the hotel. They had a special on their entrees -2 for the price of 1! The hotel has a cat like my friend Sara’s cat, Oscar. This cat was thinner, missing part of his right ear and his name was Marriott. After dinner, we walked around the King shops across from the hotel and had mango sorbet for dessert. Then we went back and put our suits on to go down to the pool for some hot tub action. That is where we met disgusting blubber feeling family from British Columbia. Crazy Canadians!  We were in bed by 10 but it felt like 2am.



Day 3 – Hubby and I got up early and worked out before breakfast! Ugh! But we needed to!! Too much outstanding food!! Then we hit the beach all morning. It was fabulous but I got sunburned! Hubs did more snorkeling and he saw amazing fish and even followed a sea turtle for a little while. From the beach we could see whales breaching in the distance. We ate lunch in our room and took a little nap. Then later we drove to Kona but we were re-routed on the way because of a brush fire. We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp and our waiter, David, was from Wheaton, IL!  We walked around the town which was like Lake Geneva, WI, for those of you that know that area. They had a ton of shops and restaurants. We took the scenic mountain drive home and were in bed by 8! I was so tired at the time but at 1am I couldn’t sleep and started blogging this from my iPod before I forgot what happened each day!

Day 4 – We were very sunburned today so we decided to stay out of the water. We drove the 2 hour drive to the other side of the island to Hilo and took a helicopter ride over a volcano. It was way cool and we even saw a fire and some lava flow. You can see above when it is flowing it glows red, but then turns that silver/gray as it cools. There is a man named Jack that still lives up on this volcano/mountain and has to get coptered in and out for food and supplies. He can’t sell his house since he is surrounded by lava, but he won’t leave either. He has been evacuated many times, but his house still stands.  After the ride, we went to the Volcano National Park and then to the Lava Cafe for dinner. It was a long drive back to the hotel and I slept the whole way.



Day 5 – Daylight Savings! But not here! We woke up thinking we were late but were actually an hour early. The natives looked at us strangely when we suggested that we could jump backwards and forwards in time. Crazy tourists! We went on an 8am whale watching tour! It was so awesome and we even saw whales! None of them were breaching but we did get to see some tail and fins. And even a calf! He almost came up to the boat but his mama whisked him away from us. Afterwards we came back and hung out at the pool. It was 5…$5 vodka lemonaaaaades!  They were soooo yummy! Then we ate lunch, napped and went back to the pool until the luau! Which was fantastic! Fun, food and a show. The pic above is me with a fire dancer! He was somewhat smokin himself. The only downside of the night was this @$$hole from San Diego at our table that asked where we lived in relation to Chicago. When I said the northwest suburbs, he snottily asked, “Isn’t that area kind of wet? Considering that you would be in the lake? Lake Superior, isn’t it?” And laughed at me, looking around the table at everyone else trying to prove what an idiot I was. “No, sir. That would be northeast of Chicago and in Lake Michigan, you dumb f***.” After the luau we went back to the room and rented 2012 off of the tv! Oh, yeah, we went all out! If there was a mini-bar, we would have raided that, too.

Day 6 – We hung out by the pool again all morning and hubs snorkeled…again. In the afternoon, we went to Mountain Thunder coffee plantation in Kona. They have been featured on Dirty Jobs and Unwrapped. We bought some fresh coffee beans for grinding and chocolate covered coffee beans. I hate coffee, but I will eat anything covered in chocolate. My standards aren’t too high.  Hubby feels the same way about cheese. He once said he would eat cheese on a turd. I don’t know that my love for chocolate would extend that far, however. After the coffee trip, we drove around to find Kona Brewing company and pub. We got lost trying to get off Thunder Mountain and took a wrong turn which led us to a dead-end and to be chased by an angry dog.  And this weird cemetary that looked like a lot of voodoo was practiced on the graves! When we finally found our way and found the brewery, we stopped and hubs had his beer. I don’t like beer either, but I had a mighty tasty root beer! Finally, we headed back to the hotel and ordered room service for dinner. We fell asleep watching Jason Bourne. And then I dreamed about Jason Bourne and I on a boat headed towards a secluded un-named island. And we lived happily ever after.

Day 7 – our last day! *sniff* We spent most of it by the pool. We even ate lunch by the pool. Then we got a late check out for an extra $75 since we had a red-eye flight. We walked to some local shops and ate dinner, got a few more trinkets and contributed to the Hawaiian graffiti by writing in white coral rocks on the black lava rocks. My nephew-in-law’s brother died last year in an accident. The family is Hawaiian and Roy was actually born on Hilo. I didn’t know him very well, but felt the urge to pay tribute to him on his home island. Above are also other graffiti that I found and appreciated.

Then we caught our flight at 10:45 pm and arrived in Phoenix for our connection just 5 hours later! Much better than the 8 hours it took to get there!! We ate breakfast at the airport and I waved to my sister again as we took off for home. We got the boys some presents but their favorites were the ukuleles. I missed my boys so much! It was the perfect amount of time to be away. One more day and I think I would have been really home sick. Or am I just plain sick???


RTT: Is it a sharp poop or is it just paranormal activity?

17 Nov

This week’s Random Tuesday Thoughts are brought to you by: the monster under my bed. Man, do I hate that guy.

*This past Saturday, my niece, Bry and Cowee, her boyfriend, babysat and Hubby and I had a nice dinner out alone. We went to a Mexican restaurant – he had steak tacos and a Pacifico, and I had a taco salad and a Rasberry Margarita on the rocks. We also shared a chocolate chimichanga or something and unbeknownst to me, my life would soon change forever!

After, we decided to go to a movie. We were going to see 2012, but it was sold out. So we decided to see Paranormal Activity. I have never had bad dreams after movies, scary or otherwise. I still don’t. But after seeing this, I do have irrational fears now. I haven’t slept very well at all because this movie not only scared me, but creeped me out entirely. I keep thinking about it at night when trying to go to sleep and then I see things in the shadows and hear things in the walls. I usually can pass things off as nothing because it is in a fictional movie, but not this time. I am not going to say a lot about the movie itself, but to give you a glimpse into my crazy fear, I can no longer hang my foot off the side of the bed for fear that I will be dragged down the hall into my impending death. Really a great movie for the scare factor if you are into that – check it out! (My inner child, curled up in the fetal position and rocking uncontrollably while sucking her thumb screams, “DON’T DO IT!”)

*Did I mention how awesome pumpkin seeds are? I think I did.

*This Wednesday my niece turns 21! OMG. I am so friggin’ old! And on top of that, she wants me to take her out for martinis.  So, what…so she could get carded and show her new ID and I just get waved away because I am so obviously old enough to have created alcohol itself compared to her? Pffbbttt. Like, whatever.

*Friday night I went to a coworker’s son’s school for a craft fair and bake sale. Every single direct sales company you could think of was there! It was like heaven, only I was at the pearly gates looking in because I don’t really have the money to spend on all of that stuff! I did buy some stuff from the bake sale and some peppermint bark and sugar coated pecans for Hubby from these ladies who made it themselves: Sweets ALL Ways Yummy, they are delicious! But it was mass craziness there and $2 to even get into the room! All for a good cause, I know, but still….

*Is anyone else concerned that squirrels might take over the world? Probably not with all this other stuff going on. No one is watching out for the squirrels! Fear not because I am…..I am. Everyone says they are rats with fluffy tails, right? Why do we not like rats inside, but think they are oh, so cute outside running around and multiplying like rabbits? And they are getting pretty fat, too. What are they eating – little children? On my way out of our sub-division, I counted 10 squirrels in people’s yards. We are talking like one block. (Our sub-division is not very big.) I used to think crows were going to take over. Have you seen how big those things get? They are like little hawks, ready to peck out your eyeballs. But I haven’t seen as many around these days. Now, it’s all about the squirrels. You’ll see…’ll see.

*Some of Little A’s Random Thoughts:

Little A is in a “Life isn’t fair” stage. I don’t even know where he heard it! After being put to bed last night: ” It’s not fair that some people get to watch TV while other people are trying to go to sleep.”

On the way to school, “It’s not fair that you don’t take me to McDonalds every day on the way to school!”

Big A was in the bathroom yelling for Dad. Little A says, “Maybe his butt hurts because he has a sharp poop.”

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Honey-Do – A Spin Cycle Re-Post!

11 Nov

spincyclesmall****This week’s Spin is a free spin! So I decided to post an oldie but goodie. And I wrote it one year ago today so it sat well with me to re-post it! Enjoy!!

I am sure that everyone gives their hubby a “Honey-Do” list once in awhile. It happens, right? They can’t remember from one room to the next what they were supposed to do in there. Or maybe it is just mine?

Any trip to the store must involve a list if there are more than three items to purchase. Eggs, milk, and bread is a snap. Add some fat-free sour cream, red potatoes, a half a pound of muenster and diet coke to that and it’s all over. You are lucky if they come home at all! They end up just circling the store aimlessly and you lose them in the alcohol section. Beeerrr… need sustenance..must have beeeerrr….

My Hubby has a Blackberry so I always get, “Email me what you want.” It helps when he is on his way home from work and I need something for dinner or we run out of diapers or worse…chocolate. Sometimes it is nice to hear his voice, however, but I have better luck getting him if I email. 😦

So when I need some chores done around the house, of course I have to make a list.

“Honey, while I am gone today, can you throw the towels in the dryer, run the dishwasher and vacuum? And make sure you take a picture of you vacuuming. I promised the bloggers a photo.”

He looks up from the TV with a blank stare. He has heard nothing I have said. I can tell by the vacant look in his eyes. Then awareness comes to him, but he realizes what a situation he will be in if he admits that he didn’t hear me. So he says, “Can you make me a list?” It is always a safe thing for him to say.

I am hip to your jive, mister.

So yesterday, I am working in the office and I hear Hubby tell Big A – while he was watching TV – “Hey, bud, tomorrow when you get home from school, can you sweep the leaves off the porch?” A few moments go by and then…

“Um, can you make me a yist?”

I can not control my laughter as I hear Hubby, taken aback, say, “Uh…yeah…”

Hubby comes back into the office perturbed and a little outraged, but also laughing a little. “Did you hear him?”

I just kept laughing.

“A yist?! He can’t even read!!” He couldn’t decide whether to laugh or to frown.

“He’s just like his Daddy!”

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