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Just Like a Pill

16 Feb

Usually I write my blog posts, but today I thought I would give you a visually stunning representation of my morning. I am supposed to have the day off from work, but as you know if you have children, there is no such thing. Forgive my inept drawings. I am a writer, not an illustrator. The curly haired one is Little A. Enjoy!



29 Nov

Hiccup is 5 months old today! My how time flies.

Happy 5 month Birthday, Hiccup! I ❤ You!!

Love, Mommy

Don’t Let Me Get Me

9 Nov

It’s been a long couple of months. I am anxious to get back to writing here and catching up on my fave blogs that are listed over on the right. (Lower…lower…there you go.) I am going to try and post one little thing every day. Starting next week when I get back from another business trip. I will be home for a great while after that so my goal should be easier to meet. Hahahaha! (If you can’t laugh at yourself then something is wrong with you.)

But for now, I will just post an updated pic of Big A, Little A and Hiccup, who might be more aptly named Burp as of late. He’s 20 weeks old today!! (Yeah, I know you think he’s about 6 months old by his size, but you are wrong!)