15 Dec

Tis the Season. Ho. Ho. Ho. I just can’t get up the Christmas Spirit this year. I am so tired. I’ve tried everything:

1) I thought maybe decorating would work. My husband got the tree put up, thankfully it is a pre-lit artificial tree. Oh, wait, the pre-lit lights didn’t work so he threw on some other lights that move around and do fancy things like the fountain at the Bellagio.

However, the thought of having to dig through the 8 bins of decorations and get out ornaments, snowmen, the cutesy door decorations, the stockings, the Christmas card holder and gah! So we went to the dollar store and bought red and gold ball ornaments and garland, stockings, glitter glue and cheap plastic “no damage” hooks to stick on the fireplace. As Christmas cards come, I hole-punch and string them up on the curtain rod in the livingroom with red ribbon. Still, it takes me 3-4 days to get the latest ones up. But I have to say, it does add some festivity to the livingroom. We decorated our new stockings just last night and hung them on the fireplace with care. We needed new stockings anyways as Big A and Little A’s both said “1st Christmas”. I had intended to make new ones for them on their second Christmases. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I didn’t make that mistake with Hiccup’s this year.

2) I thought an obscene amount of baking would get me into the spirit. I promised family I would send cupcake bites as Christmas presents so I spent one weekend making those and Christmas Tree Pops. Another weekend making peanut butter blossoms. Most of this week was spent making toffee and chocolate covered pretzels. Oh and I volunteered to make stuff for the bake sale at the kid’s school. Tomorrow night and Saturday morning I am making more peanut butter blossoms and this brownie candy cups recipe I found on Bakerella’s site. Yum. I think I will be done after that. Unless we spend Christmas Eve with the boys making cookies and reading Christmas stories. That will be nice. Oh, but look what she does to the peanut butter blossom cookie. I just found this as I went to grab the links! It’s the cuppie one I am talking about further down the page…lower…lower…yeah, right there! Double Yum!

3) I thought listening to Christmas music would help. OMG. I absolutely HATE the songs “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time” and “Last Christmas”. And since everyone and their brother has re-made those songs, they are played even more than they used to be!

4) I tried Christmas shopping. That never is a good idea to get into the spirit. You kind of have to already be there to put up with that nonsense.

5) My last attempt was to do something fun for my husband. A friend of mine’s husband used to give her a gift on every day of the 12 days of Christmas. I am not sure if he still does it. I always thought that was cute. So 3 days ago, I gave my husband a pack of Apple Pie gum. He loves pie. Then on the second day of Christmas I gave him finger lights to work in the dark on his computer. Our office is also Hiccup’s room so often he is in the dark playing his game while Hiccup is sleeping. I thought the finger lights were pretty cool. Today, the third day of Christmas, I gave him 3 sticks of beef jerky. He loves this stuff. We shall see what tomorrow brings!

This last attempt is working a little bit. I love giving presents. I also dropped a tin of my baked goods off at an office where a bunch of friends work. That felt good, too. I can’t keep that s%&t in my house. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips, bloggers…there is still a bunch of toffee in the fridge. Hubby came home, looked at it, shook his head and said, “Nothing says I love you like crack cocaine in your fridge. Thanks,babe.”

Is it weird that that gave me a warm fuzzy? I don’t think so. 🙂


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