22 Nov

This week we had the A’s parent/teacher conferences at school. I am proud to say they are both doing pretty well. Big A can use some help in a couple of areas, but for the most part, he is a normal third grade boy. And Little A hasn’t gotten into that much trouble for his mouth. And when you can say that, that is a good day.

Big A’s teacher was quick to share a couple of writing samples of his. And, of course, this being a writing blog, and him being my son, I have to share them with you now. Exactly as he wrote them, of course. So, my dear readers, please give your attention to my second guest blogger, Big A.

Sneaky Me

Have you ever stole money from somebody? I stole a five dollar bill from my brother. I felt sneaky like I was a robber that got away with a crim. It all started when Little A had money in his pocket. He had 65 dollars from his birthday. He turned 5 years old. I had no money. So I looked around my house. I found my 5 dollars in my desk a home. I wanted 10 dollars. Now he had 60 dollars. I gave them to my mom she said are these yours? When I said yes thay are mine. She said, then you can buy some thing some day.” I still did not buy some thing yet. Now my brother is six years old. My brother was like where is my money? He felt like he onley had 10 dollers. I was lafing like krasy. It was so funny. It was hysterical. I will never forget the time I took my broters birthday money. I might do it again if he had money. I think my parents would be astonished if thay knew I took his money.

My Field Trip to High School

Have you ever gone on a field trip? I went on a fleid trip to High School with other students and teachers. I went on a Friday afternoon we went to see where we will go to school and get excited about our future. I heard the band. And after we heard them I heard the students talking about where will you go to college. Another person told us your future is in your hands. The main word is choices yers word was listen. Pirate Pete said, Hi to us. We claped his hand when we got to the high school. Then we saw the students and Pirate Pete run through the banner. We were so high up I cod hear the riiip. I felt really special. When we got of our sets we went through the tunnel of students of the high school. They asked us what do you want to be when you grow up? I said I want to be a football player at the high school or the Bears. This was the best field trip ever because we could have fun there. We saw cool stuf at the high school.

Thank you to Big A, my guest blogger, although he doesn’t know it. I could not be more proud of the sneaky kid. 🙂


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