A Little Birdy Told Me…

26 Apr

I have a new frenemy. It’s a male Robin. He started pecking at our livingroom window last Thursday and hasn’t stopped since.

He gets up awfully early, as birds often do, and starts peck peck pecking away. It is pretty loud – like knocking. And very annoying. It woke the boys up over the weekend way too early. They are on the same wall as the livingroom window so the bird might as well have been knocking on their bedroom window.

I asked my Facebook friends for their advice and this is what I was given:

I’ve tried putting a stuffed animal cat in the window. My mom has chased it with a broom. My husband bought a scary owl that is sitting on the little table we have out there. After a quiet morning, he was back at it because he recognized that the owl is fake. But not that his own reflection is not another bird? Idiot. Our next step is to put something on the window to cut down on the glare so he can’t see his own reflection. He’s been quiet this afternoon but I had moved the owl this morning so maybe he thinks it is real for awhile. Or he is out gallavanting around.

Meanwhile, the little chairs and table have bird crap on them. SO NOT NICE, ROBIN. I saw what you did out there. I felt bad for thinking that I wished you would just fly into the window and knock yourself out. But after I saw that mess you made, I don’t feel bad anymore. You are lucky that I won’t let anyone kill you with a pellet gun. So very lucky.


One Response to “A Little Birdy Told Me…”

  1. kweenmama May 12, 2011 at 11:35 pm #

    Awww, I think he’s kind cute…. ;-0 We have birds that build a next in our dryer vent EVERY spring. Hub has to clear out their nest constantly. Now THAT’S annoying!

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