Your WHAT hurts?!

31 Jan

It is time for another installment of how people stumble upon my blog. Search Engines are so randomly funny. Here are a few things that people have searched that led them here:

The most searches are for squirrels. Squirrels, can you believe it? Searches including: pictures of squirrels, scared squirrels, scary squirrels, mad squirrels, ugly squirrels, pooping squirrels, soldier squirrels, picture of a squirrel eating a starburst, squirrel medicine, tables and chairs for squirrels, squirrel in my bed, squirrel playing guitar, Louisiana squirrels, squirrels littler than my finger and was there a fat squirrel in the Twilight book? 3,155 SEARCHES FOR SQUIRRELS! Ridiculous.

Other searches included:

Blackberrys 1,251

Pictures of King Size Twix or candy bar 92

Bejeweled Blitz 90

Sharp poop, I had a sharp poop, passing sharp poop 8

The one-off searches are the funniest:

wicked awesome pools

pizza sentance

love each other’s kids

dumb and dumber bathroom watch

muffin top mayhem

piano love

dirty shoe sniff

how do you spell perve

ocd door lock checking help husband

grimacing kids

these are a few of my favorite things breasts – MEN!

when a spouse called her spouse dead meat why? – oooooooooh

I am not able to use some dresses because of ocd

the tops fell off my muffins when I turned them out

crying class

can I pass ocd to my kids

obrazky veverek – (?!)

“cowboys and indians” + “I can’t spell”

kids need friends too

d.m. wright herbarium – I didn’t know I was a herbologist

use the cuspidora tuberculosis

christmas vitamins poem

prego pizza Chicago – thanks a lot

how come my bed always have crumbs stuff on it

hot dog made out of keyboard

I have a snaggletooth


airplane nose


what is favorite things

I like crumbs on bed

hurry before husband comes home

what to wright for christmas poem – did you mean…what to WRITE for Christmas poem?

how to wright happy christmas letter – der!

“He couldn’t have been more beautiful”

in my bed you’ll see three things – well, what are they?!

poop crumbs on bed – Gross.


That is it for this year, folks! Keep on searchin’!

One Response to “Your WHAT hurts?!”

  1. kweenmama February 2, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    I always like to check the searches on my blog too. One of my favorites was: “I heard a holy ghost foot soldier” 🙂

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