Rambling Random Tuesday Thoughts

18 Jan

Not a lot is going on with us lately. January is always so uneventful. But there has been quite a few liners that have stuck in my memory. I decided to just post a sampling of every day life!


Little A: Mommy, ladies have boobies and men have nibbles, right? ME: Yes, something like that. *snicker* Little A: Daddy doesn’t like when I talk about boobies. ME: Well, it is a private thing and you shouldn’t talk about it with anyone. Little A: But I can with you, right?

Little A: (Watching only the wolf scenes from New Moon. Little A loves the computer graphics. But then there was this one part with Bella and Jacob.) Why is he standing there like that?….Why doesn’t he have a shirt on?….What’s he going to do now? ME: Stop talking and watch the movie to see what happens! Little A: But I just have so many questions! EWW squished nibbles! (When Jacob hugs Bella.)

ME: Does Olivia’s mom watch you guys when you play outside? Little A: She just sits on the porch. In her robe. And she has that thing. The stick she puts in her mouth. ME: Uhh, what? Little A: You know, she sucks on it. Big A: She smokes! Little A: Yeah, that’s it. She smokes the stick.


Hubby: Why don’t you drink some milk for a change? Big A: Can’t I just have water? Hubby: What do you think is in milk? Big A: *blink, blink* I don’t know, cow pee?

Hubby (Impressed): Hey, buddy, did you do that math in your head? Big A: Do you see a calculator anywhere?

Hubby: Do you like your music class? What do you do there? Sing? Play an instrument? Big A: *snort* What do you think?


Hubby: Now you smell like your mom. ME: (After putting on Vicks Vapo Rub) And I sound like her when I cough. It’s like you’ll be sleeping with my mom. Hubby: *blink, throw head around in disgust, have seisure*

Wow, only one to note. It’s a slow week for me! And dear Hubby never has anything sarcastic to say. He is almost angelic!

ExCargo Update: We will be finding out what the little bugger is on Valentine’s Day! What an awesome gift for a Hallmark Holiday!! Remember, keep your fingers crossed that it is a GIRL! We don’t want any more boys in this house! Thank you!!


For more Random Tuesday Thoughts, visit Keely. She is taking over the world!!


2 Responses to “Rambling Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. Nicole (Ninja Mom) January 18, 2011 at 9:52 pm #

    One boy in our house is more than enough. Here’s hoping for a girl!

    Love the calculator line.

    Happy RTT!

  2. kweenmama January 22, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    Those are so funny! Your boys will get a kick reading those when they are older.

    Crossing my fingers that it is a girl!

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