The Dreaded Christmas Letter

10 Dec

Everyone gets one from somebody. I have yet to receive one this year. In the mail… I did receive one by email. I guess that is one way to save money.

I decided to write mine here. I will not brag about my kids and how great they are. If you have ever read anything I have written, you know that I am more of a sarcastic mom and am often more embarrassed than given to bragging rights! Well except that one year when I wrote a bragging Christmas letter on purpose for the Spin Cycle. That was fun! But seriously, here is our letter:

Dear Family and Friends (you know who you are):

2010 has been (BIG A, I SAID GET AWAY FROM HIM!!) Seriously, not five minutes can go by in peace.

I will start with Big A. He turned 7 this year and is in Second grade. He is doing ok, I guess. Spelling and writing are his worst subjects. He hates to write. His handwriting is so sloppy. He definitely takes after his Father in the fact that he loves math and science. Not my stronger subjects. Write a nonsense story with your spelling words? Mom is all over it! Change your letters into numbers and add them all up for fun? Go ask your Dad. It is silly what they ask these kids to do for their homework.

Big A has also turned into a football fanatic. His Father loves this. They watch games together, they talk about it, they go toss one around outside in the snow. It’s boring. But Big A does have the right build for it and will be trying out for some team or Little League something next year. Hubs has his ideas and he can run with them. I just tune out when they start talking about it. It will be one thing when he is on a team and I am watching him play, but now I just find it is a good time to nap.

Little A, what to say. He is a handful. He is mouthy but adorable. Most days I want to strangle him or best, remove his voice box. Sometimes I just want to drive him to school in silence, is that too much to ask? If I ever hear the word Mommy again, it will be too soon. Now I know why my mom changed her name when we were little. She would only answer to Gladys. I thought she was weird. Turns out, she is very, very wise.

He is still in preschool until next Fall. He didn’t turn 5 soon enough for the school’s tastes. It’s ok though, because I don’t think he is ready. He has the attention span of a gnat but the memory of an elephant. How does that work? Even his favorite teacher has had it with him this week. I told her long ago she would rue the day she let him into her class. RUE IT! But no one listens to me. Especially not the boys. As my boss says, “FOR THE LOVE!” Some days I just want to crawl in a hole for a very long game of hide and seek. But not the seek part.

Despite all of these things, they are both the light of my life and I would just be completely heartbroken without them. I love them very much and at the end of the day, when hope is near because they will soon be nice and quiet in their beds, they are so sweet and loving that the whole day of horror is erased in seconds with the feel of their little arms giving me a hug. That and a big margarita.

On to the Hubs. He is still working at CDW with Blackberry. This is his 10th year so recently he brought home a catalog of gifts he could pick out. Sweet! We picked out tickets for 4 to go anywhere in the continental US. VACATION!!! I am picking anywhere warm.

He also has been working on our little place to give it some more value. Some day we will get out of here, but for now, I have all new doors! Now he just needs to finish them and re-do the trim and stuff. Most of the doors lock now, too, which they didn’t before. That was sometimes an issue of privacy. You never knew when someone was going to bust in on you. Right now I am waiting for him to get his cute patoot home with my dinner. Pizza! I am dying!!! OK, he came home and I just plowed through half of a pizza. That was delicious! When I asked if there was anything special he wanted me to add to our Christmas letter, he said he would like me to inform you that he loves his wife very much. Awww!

Nutmeg, the bunny, has been doing well. He is driven to chew his way out of his cage. Someday he just might do it. He has chewed up two litter boxes and almost a whole log tunnel (the tunnel is specifically made for such chewing purposes). Thankfully, the only chewing victims of our belongings were one RockBand drum pedal cord and a cord for the PS3 controller charger. And maybe a little bit of leather on the bottom of our new couches, but that is barely noticeable. He was a hit at my girl’s Christmas party this year. Everyone loved him. They all have cats so they are animal lovers. All except one. And she kept her distance. I think she thinks he is cute but she was not about to chase him around the floor for a quick pet behind the ears.

That leaves me. I changed companies earlier in the year and started working from home and for less hours. It has been amazing. I was so stressed at my last company and during the busy times I rarely saw my family. Now, I rarely see anyone but family which can be challenging, too, but so much better for my health! And let me tell you, I don’t miss the random coworker who would stab you in the back as soon as look at you.

It has been so relaxing that we even managed to get pregnant! Which when we tried before Little A, it wasn’t as easy and now I think it was all because of the physical stress I was under.  I am almost through my 1st trimester, much to Hubby’s excitement. I have been so tired these last few months and have had next to nothing of that drive that got me into this predicament. He is hoping THAT will pass. Hey, it is exhausting growing and carrying around this extra cargo. Or ExCargo as we like to call her. Keep your fingers crossed that this baby will be a girl. I think we will find out in early February what the sex will be. I am going to wear out my knees praying but I will be referring to ExCargo as a girl, just an FYI.

That is it for us, dear friends! We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

Much Love,

The D.M. Wright Family

What do you think? Yeah, I am glad I saved on that postage… 🙂

One Response to “The Dreaded Christmas Letter”

  1. kweenmama December 13, 2010 at 4:02 pm #

    Congrats on the upcoming addition to your family! That is so cool!

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