Hot dog? Hot damn!

10 Dec

Yesterday my Mommy brought me lunch from Portillo’s. It is the best place to get a true Chicago Style hot dog. Now, don’t get me wrong…there are TONS of places IN Chicago to get a good hot dog; however, if you are not in Chicago and the place claims to have a Chicago Style hot dog…BEWARE! It is so not going to be one.

Portillo’s has been featured on many shows and has been said to have the best hot dogs and Italian Beef or “Cheesy Beef” sandwiches ever. I would have to agree. And they have a pretty good piece of chocolate cake. Don’t get me started on the shakes. Yummy. Why didn’t ask my mom for one of those, too? Shoot! A wasted opportunity.

Anyways, if you are ever in Chicago, go to Portillo’s. Don’t walk, run. You have to try everything I just mentioned above. So you might want to go a couple of times. Don’t worry, they have them everywhere here. (There are two locations in CA, if you are so lucky to live near there and also one in IN.) This is my Christmas gift to you, friend blogger. Merry Christmas!

Look at that beautiful meal! The hot dog is so scrumtious it is too long for the bun and it comes with a mouth-watering pickle. I get mine with relish, mustard and tomatoes. They used to put cucumbers on it but I don’t know what happened there. The only thing I don’t get is onions and peppers, which would complete a hot dog “with everything”. You can get sweet or hot peppers but never get ketchup on a Chicago hot dog. They will kick you out of the place. They have pretty awesome fries as well. As you can see, they are crinkle cut. Those you can eat with ketchup. In fact I recommend it. OR you can get a side of cheese, which Little A just LOVES. He won’t go to Portillo’s unless he can have his side of cheese.

You can even order stuff to be shipped to you if you want. We did that when we lived in Florida – had all of our favorite Chicago foods shipped to us for special occasions. It’s pretty cool, but not really the same as being there. Check it out on their website!

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3 Responses to “Hot dog? Hot damn!”

  1. Run DMT December 10, 2010 at 11:06 am #

    I am so hungry now. All the more reason for me to visit The Windy City! Look at that poppyseed bun! Good Lord. I am in love. Can you get it with the onions in the red sauce? I love that stuff!

    Thanks so much for linking up and playing along today! And thanks for the shout-out too! You rock, mama!

  2. Gone Bananas December 10, 2010 at 11:19 am #

    OMG yum! I don’t care what people say about hot dogs I loves them and that one Rocks! Lol Did you say you can order them in Fl? *scurries off to the website to take a look*

  3. Bry February 8, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

    haha im with little A i gotta have a cup of cheese with those amazing fries however im not a true chicago hot dog eater… i get ketchup only on mine LOL but she is right you have to try portillos at some point in your life

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