21 Oct

I took a walk on my lunch hour and decided to not think about anything that needed to be done or what I had already done and if I had done it correctly or what I could have done better. I decided to just listen and enjoy the quiet.  We are always so busy and always on the go – at least I am. I needed to just stop and listen. And since Autumn is such a wonderful season of change with beautiful imagery, I thought this would be a great time to do so.

As soon as I walked out my door, I heard the wings of a gaggle of geese beating the air. The door closing startled them into flight. Then of course, was all the angry honking as they flew away.

As I walked, I could hear the wind. The sound of the wind blowing, yes, but also the wind sliding the leaves across the sidewalk and grass and shaking them from the trees to the ground; the wind making branches scratch against buildings and other branches. All the while, the sound of my own footsteps is constant in the background and my shoes crunching the leaves.

As I walked the path through the neighborhood, I could hear every day noises in the houses. Pots banging as someone put away the dishes, vacuuming of a carpet, music tinkling, construction hammering, the sound of a patio door sliding shut as the breeze becomes cooler.

Animals everywhere: the patter of little squirrel feet running across the path and into the safety of a nearby tree, birds chirping and squawking, the buzz of a bug near my ear, and my gasp as I shoo it away. Dogs trapped inside their houses eager to see who was walking by their doors, barking to get out. As I pass a swamp area I could hear whatever bugs make that cricket noise or possibly toads are to blame and maybe some locusts, secadas or crickets themselves!

As I neared a busy street, I could hear the sound of the traffic: cars rushing by, brakes squealing, mufflers rumbling and then also airplanes flying overhead! We must be in a flight path because I heard at least a dozen in the forty minutes I was walking.

Finally, there were the sounds of people: a girl sitting in her driveway on her cell phone and swearing up a storm, landscapers calling for each other across the yard, other walkers passing me and saying hello with a nod and a smile, hopefully enjoying their walk as I was.

Finally, as I neared my front yard, some more geese were in the way. I steered clear of them because I remember when I was in college, they loitered along the paths to class. If you got too close, they chased you and tried to bite your leg. I thought they were trying to protect a nest or something, but it turns out they just don’t like people. So even though I was a good distance away, one ornery goose hissed at me and I bid him a good day and went into my house, thus ending my walk of listening.


2 Responses to “Listening”

  1. kweenmama October 29, 2010 at 5:11 pm #

    Autumn is my favorite time of year to take walks! I love the sight of golden, red, and orange leaves. If the sky is a clear blue without a cloud in it, I love it, even if the temps are starting to dip. And the sounds? They just add to the joy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bry February 8, 2011 at 10:04 pm #

    love the imagery id swear i was walkin with you 😉

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