Somebody Pinch Me!

16 Oct

As you can read in the post below, I said I was meeting Bakerella today. And, I did! I took Big A and we went over to the mall this morning to see what the line damage was going to be. When we arrived, there was no line like I thought there would be! So I bought the book and we grabbed a coffee and an apple juice from a nearby Starbucks. They gave me a number (21) with my purchase so conveniently that would be my place in line! How awesome is that?!

When it was finally time, Bakerella came and spoke for a bit – answered questions and gave some tips – before the book signing. I learned some tricks to help my cake pops turn out better.

They even gave out cake pops while we waited in line!

That’s when I noticed the line getting longer. I was glad that we arrived early!

 She was very sweet and giggled when I said I loved her and told her about my tomato cake pops. Don’t worry, it was in a non-stalker sort of way. I hope.                                                                       It was so great to meet her!


Afterwards, I took Big A to my alumni football game at my old highschool. 36 alumni showed up. Sadly, no one from my class. And the Chargers lost the game 35 to 8. And maybe it is me, but I think high schoolers look a lot younger than they did when I was that age. I remember when I was a Freshman – the Seniors looked so old and wise. I was a little intimidated by them.

Dear God, does that mean I am…OLD? And when they announced one of the player’s names, I realized that he was the little brother of one of my former classmates. And then I realized that he wasn’t even born before we graduated. I almost started hyperventilating. Then later I talked to my sister and she told me her oldest was turning 30 next year. That can’t be right. He is only 17. This is just a dream. I will wake up and this will all be a dream!


That was me pinching myself.


One Response to “Somebody Pinch Me!”

  1. kirsty815 October 29, 2010 at 11:07 am #

    How fabulous! You must’ve been thrilled! x

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