12 Oct

 It’s Tuesday again. RTT, you look shocked! I said I’d be back more often…did you doubt me? It’s ok, I would, too.

*Today is Little A’s birthday! Everybody say, “AWWWWWWWWW!” Why, thank you! Poor thing – someone gave him a stomach bug for his birthday so he is not up to par today. He was at school for a brief time this morning and they celebrated with him. But shortly after cupcakes, I got a phone call. “Yeah, gross, I will be right over,” was my response. I won’t tell you anymore about that, however.

*Anybody else annoyed with spam more than ever these days? Jeez. Twitter spam, if I had an urgent message, it would sent it to my Twitter account! Stupid Twitter spam. The same with you, LinkedIn Spam and Facebook Spam. Just because we are all about social networking these days, does not mean we are stupid! And maybe I would believe you sometimes if you didn’t send me 8 messages at a time! Nice try!

*It is supposed to be Fall/Autumn. It is nearing mid-October. This week the weather has ranged from the 60’s-80’s. I am not complaining, really, but I just wish it would pick something and stick with it. It is wreaking havoc on the sinuses. Little A especially who is sensitive to everything. And lately there are these little “can’t see-um” (barely can see them actually) bugs flying around EVERYWHERE. Not just in little swarms here and there, but all over. At first I thought it was a bad pollen day or I don’t know, something. But when I really looked, the specks had direction and were not just floating about. Yuck. How many of those have we swallowed?

 *I don’t like the fact that my new Blu-ray DVD player has messages for me. It’s kind of creepy. When you turn it on it says, “WELCOME”. I believe it also says, “ENJOY” after I start the movie before it changes to the counter. Or is that the microwave? Now that may just seem nice or pleasant to you, but the really creepy thing is that it says “SEE YOU” when I turn it off. And because it is in front of my bed, staring at me at night, I believe it. You Blu-ray guys think you are soooo funny. Well, you’ll see when all the parts come to life and turn on you in the factory. Not so funny then, I bet.

*My boss is in Australia this week. That is super cool, although she hates flying. And boy did she have a trip. I think it was a total of 25 hours or so. But like, 5 flights. Crazy! And only for a week. She left Friday and gets back this coming Sunday night. Our Asia-Pacific chapter is having a conference there. ANYWAYS, I miss her. We talk a lot each day as we both work from home and so far, it really sucks. I don’t know how she has been doing it for so long. I’m LONELY!!

*And now, I am realizing that I think I have some bug myself. But not what Aidan has. I feel really blah and have a headache and I’m kind of feverish and so tired. I blame the weather!

Well, I believe you will find more interesting random thoughts over at Keely’s. Tell her I sent ya!


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