A Christmas Poem

10 Dec


I posted this last Christmas Eve, but I thought it was so cute, I had to re-post. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!

Twas the night before Christmas, a.k.a Christmas Eve

We made it through dinner and nobody heaved

I threw the boys in the tub and got them all clean

While hubby washed the dishes until there was a sparkley sheen

We wrestled them into pj’s and read them a book

One last glass of water and their vitamins they took

They brushed their teeth and gargled like Wookies

Then left out a plate of carrots and cookies


They felt that by the time Santa arrived

The reindeer would probably be carrot deprived

Such thoughtful little children I’ve raised

We put them to bed with compliments and praise

I put on their covers and shut off the light

“Nighty, nighty, sweet babies, may you sleep tight.”

“Nighty, nighty, dear mama, we both love you.”

“See you in the mornin’; I love you both, too.”

Since the children were nestled, tucked up in the bunk

I got comfy on the living room couch with my hunk

Me with my popcorn, he with corona and lime

We had just settled down to watch some prime time

When out of the corner of my eye should appear

Little A out of bed, holding his rear

“I have poo poos, Mama,” he cried.

I rolled my eyes and heavily sighed.

“It’s 9PM, of course you do.

There isn’t a night that goes by when you don’t poo!”

I changed his diaper as quick as a mouse

As hubby was waiting; we were watching House

I returned and then the team was just about to diagnose

It has to be this time – Lupus, of course

When out of the corner of my eye should appear

Little A again, pulling at his ear

“What’s wrong with you now?” I sighed.

“My ear needs cream,” he replied.

So we got out the cream and put House on pause

“You know if you don’t go to sleep, there will be no Santa Claus.”

“OK, Mommy,” he nodded

And off to his room again he so trotted

I looked at hubby for him to press play

Hoping this time in his room Little A will stay

An insulting comment, one snide remark

Dr. House gave his team with Spriteskeeper-like snark

When out of the corner of my eye I did see

Little A, yet again, shuffling up to me

Immensely irritated, I just gave him a look

He grinned really wide and showed me a book

“Mommy, dis is my faborite stowee.”

“Darling, I am trying to watch Hugh Laurie!”

I gritted my teeth and dragged him off to bed

An array of punishments danced in my head

Spankings came to mind; maybe a bar of soap

Strangling is done best with some rope

I covered the child and breathed in deep

“Son, this has to stop, you must go to sleep!”

“But, Mommy, sometimes I just can’t close my eyes!

“If you don’t then Santa will never leave your surprise!”

He nodded, “OK, Mommy, I will be good.”

I truly hoped this time that he would.

I went back to my hubby and the mental MD

We finished the show, turned off the TV

We wrapped all the presents, set them under the tree

Scattered crumbs on the table from the cookies

Tossed soot near the fireplace and messed up the shoes

(‘Cuz that’s where we put them, don’t know if you knew)


We put on our pj’s and jumped into bed

Too tired for funny business, I patted his head

“Merry Christmas, dear hubby, now turn off the light.”

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

This is it! It’s Christmas Eve! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope everyone gets what they want under the tree or in their stocking! I hope Santa is good to one and all! But mostly, I hope that no one forgets the real meaning of Christmas. The story about the little baby who was immaculately conceived, born in a manger and grew up and died on a cross for your sins. Please don’t forget about Him. He is the best present that you have been given this year and every year.

God Bless your Christmas and time spent with your loved ones!! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!!


One Response to “A Christmas Poem”

  1. Jan December 10, 2009 at 2:27 pm #

    Beautiful poem, all our hearts shold be turned to our Lord. Children know who He is and are able to tell Him that they are glad He loves each and every one and that he loves all the stories about Little A and that He gave him to you as a precious gift.

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