Random Tuesday Thoughts: Who are you again?

10 Nov


This week’s thoughts are brought to you by ME!! “Who are you again?” You say. “It’s ME!! D. M.!! Did you forget me? I am not surprised!!”


*Why is it your nose only itches when you are A) Playing Rock Band in the middle of the greatest guitar solo EVER! Or B) When you are eating BBQ ribs and your hands are covered in juicy, finger-lickin-good, heavenliness? “Hey, Hubby, can you scratch my nose for me? No over there…to the right…no higher…lower…GOSH DARN IT! My nose is not that big!!!”

*So a couple weeks ago I was out-of-town for work and Hubby had strep throat! Aagghh! But I thought – YES! – the kids will get it and be sick while I am gone! Poor hubby! But he is at home sick anyways, you know? NOT SO. Big A waited until I was home a few days and then decided to get it. So then I had to stay home with him and follow him around with Clorox wipes and Lysol. (Apparently I did a great job because not only did I NOT get sick, neither did Little A which was AMAZING!) I worry about Little A getting sick all the time. He doesn’t have the greatest history with breathing. He might have asthma; he might not, but every once in a while he starts wheezing and I have to break out the nebulizer and dose him. Like tonight, for no apparent reason he just starts breathing like he ran a 10K. Strange…*scratches head*.

*This Halloween I watched some oldie moldy movies like Night of the Living Dead and The Blob. Scary stuff. Back then it was, right? Like Psycho and Jaws – people freaked! I remember my mom talking about seeing Jaws when she was pregnant with me. She said she was afraid she was going to go into labor right there in the “cinema”. So I watched these movies recently and I was like, seriously? Really. These movies were scary? Then that got me thinking about how desensitized we all are these days. We (not me – *ugh, shiver, gasp, vomit*) can watch and stomach movies like all the Saws and The Ring and not even blink an eye. S’up with that, dude?

200px-Pumpkins2009*I also made Hubby make pumpkin seeds this Halloween. YUM-MO! I haven’t had them since I was little. Too lazy, I guess. Now, I wish they sold them in bags for you to bake at home. Do they?? Someone please tell me they do! Or can I pay one of you to clean out pumpkins for their seeds and mail them to me? Seriously.

*Anyone have any red light cameras in your cities? Good grief. What an ordeal. If you don’t stop completely for a certain amount of time and at the exact right spot that the camera feels is appropriate, you get photographed and a $100 ticket in the mail with your picture! This has happened to many friends of mine so I do the right thing and so far have never gotten a ticket. I don’t even think I have been photographed because sometimes you do and then someone reviews it, I believe, to make sure you really did blow the light. However, it is hard to tell in the daylight hours if you were or not. But at night…different story! It is like a ginormous paparazzi when you get snapped. Everyone sees it and points and goes “Ooooooo – hahaha!” Which it happened to me and hubby coming home from a friend’s house one night this weekend. We both stopped, we both waited for traffic, but as soon as we could go, we turned right on red. SNAP!  Big A was so worried about it all the way home. He is very sensitive. But it is a new light. It is probably still getting the hang of things, right? We’ll see in a week or two. And some people take the safe route and don’t turn at all. People are honking and swearing for them to go – no way. “Don’t you see the cam, dude?! No way am I going down for you!” And those people honking and swearing – you know who you are – I hope you get a $100 ticket in the mail because I know you didn’t come to a complete stop, you jerks!

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4 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Who are you again?”

  1. Kirsten November 10, 2009 at 2:09 pm #

    I love getting my picture taken, although not attached to a price.

    Love, love, love pumpkin seeds. Whoever sends them to you, please send me a pack.

    Scary movies = Saw V, VI (god, that sh*t is gross)

  2. Captain Dumbass November 10, 2009 at 10:24 pm #

    The Excorsist is still scary.

  3. kweenmama November 10, 2009 at 10:45 pm #

    My kids make fun of the movies I thought were scary. “Are you serious Mom?” 🙂

    Glad to have you back!

  4. Jan November 11, 2009 at 4:03 pm #

    “Jaws” Did you ever think that scene might have injured you someway Just when you aren’t looking it gets you. I know tv makes it look small, just remember I thought you were going to slide out too. The things you see when you are a kid is more scary now that you are an adult, now you get to see the actual bodies and sometimes the “vampires” when they are cruising around at night. So Beware some of it mught be real!

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