Hi, how are ya?

15 Sep

Life is busy. I admire the bloggers who can post multiple times a day or even once a day! I just can’t do it! I would love to, but most of the time I feel like I don’t have anything in me worthy enough to write about.

Kids are back in school. Big A is doing well in first grade. He is a great speller! He gets 10/10 on his tests on Fridays. He is not bad at math either. He is eating lunch at school and using a pin number to pay for it. I hadn’t checked up on it recently and got a slip home today that his account was -$1.00. Oops. They still let him eat, however. Then he got off the bus and walked home to find no one there. My mom got stuck in traffic and was two minutes later than the bus. Somehow he got into our building and stood in the hall crying. Poor guy! He thought no one was coming home for him! Mom! She felt bad, of course.

Little A had the shar004e bag today. You have to pick something to share with your class and think up 3 clues to help the other kids guess what it is. His clues were: he wears a mask, he is black and gray, and he is a super hero. Any guesses? It’s Batman. Jeremiah was all over it. Miss Laura says he didn’t need any help with his clues and his voice was loud and clear as he announced them and then paused for dramatic effect, keeping them in suspense. Then he called on Jeremiah to guess. He is such a character. He has been in some scrapes the last couple of weeks. One day, he slipped in the bathroom after washing his hands and hit his chin on the sink. Big old cut and swollen chin that night. The next day, some kid ran into him, hitting him in the chin, and making his upper teeth cut up his bottom lip! Big old bloody and fat lip that night. Then on the weekend, he got bit by a goose at the zoo. I told him not to try to feed them. He doesn’t listen well all the time.






IMG00075-20090912-1756Hubby and I went to the U2 concert at Soldier Field (where the Chicago Bears play) on Saturday. That was wicked awesome. He got tickets through his work so we were in a box enjoying appetizers and alcohol and air conditioning. Way cool. That is their stage in the picture. They bring it with them everywhere on tour. It is unbelievable.

Then last night, Hubby somehow wrenched his neck. He was walking stiffly with his head to one side and his shoulder hitched up in the air. I told him to stay home today – I didn’t want him driving the kids around. Who knows what kind of crazy accident you could get into! Then I told him when he saw Big A off to the bus, not to walk him all the way there. We don’t need him embarrassed at this early stage of the game! “Hey, Big A, is that your dad? What is wrong with him? Why does he walk so funny?” I had a hard time sleeping last night because he came to bed and was grunting and grimacing. I felt so bad for him, but couldn’t do much. I tried to look for muscle relaxers, offered him some other meds which he turned all down. Only to wake me up and hour later looking for them. Then I couldn’t find any and he took some Alieve. Then 10 minutes later I got out the heating pad for him. Got him all set up only for him to use it for 10 minutes and then hit himself in the head with the controller part of it.

Today Little A asked when hubby got home if he was going to walk around like that all night. Daddy feels like the boys pick on him. This morning I was explaining to Big A that Daddy’s neck hurt and he was walking funny so he wouldn’t ask him what was wrong. I guess he told Little A that he was walking funny so we hear him announce loudly that he saw Daddy walk out of the bathroom walking like this: and then he must have mimicked him. I couldn’t help laughing. Hubby said the kids were mean and he gingerly climbed back in bed and covered his head with the covers. Poor guy!

Nothing is going on with me. Busy at work – our conference is coming up in a month. This year it is in Covington, KY! Is that near you Sammanthia??

And that is about it! I am going to try to post more often!


2 Responses to “Hi, how are ya?”

  1. kweenmama September 17, 2009 at 10:45 am #

    I am also amazed at the bloggers who are able to post daily. I used to post three times a week, now I’m down to two (Mondays and Thursdays). It works for me.

    I once wrenched my neck like that. It didn’t get better until I saw a chiropractor (sp?). Hope you Hubby is feeling better soon!

  2. Otto Mann October 5, 2009 at 9:28 am #

    U2? Nice. I would have tried to punch Bono though. Sorry.

    Btw, I used to be one of those bloggers who wrote a post a day. Looking back, I have absolutely no idea how I did it.

    I can’t even do one a week now!


    Anyways, post more blogs! 🙂

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