I said I’d be bach

10 Jun

And so I am. Calgary was fun. Daylight lasted until around 10:30 pm. Thus, most nights I didn’t go to sleep until after midnight and then had to get up to work the registration desk at 6:30 am. Not so fun. I met some new people. I even went to a Casino and taught a colleague how to play Blackjack. I’m out $5. But it was Canadian dollars so not as bad as you’d think. And, I found some old Canadian money of Hubby’s that he brought into the marriage from when he lived in New Hampshire. He lived just a few miles from Quebec. In fact, the closest McDonald’s was in Quebec so he is technically part Canadian. And this is why he had some money lying around. So, I brought it with, not even sure if it would work. It looked pretty old. They took it.

I found that some of the Canadians I met didn’t appreciate my grammar. I guess I say “Huh?” a lot. A. Lot. Instead of, “I’m sorry?” or “What’s that?” or even just “What?” It annoyed them. They said I sounded like a Canadian goose. Hence, I was very aware of how much I actually did say it. Now that I am back, I catch myself saying it but no one blinks an eye. Nobody cares here. As if Canadians don’t have anything that they say often. At the end of almost every sentence. No offense, ye goode and proper English speaking folk. I mean you no harm.

Can I just ask, however, what is up with Zed? Americans say Z as in zebra. Canadians just say Zed. One person I did have the gall to ask said that was the proper way to speak. They speak the proper English and that is why they say Zed. How come they only say Z differently? What’s wrong with all the 25 other letters? Just wondering.

There is always one in the group that thinks my accent is adorable. These types usually ask me to say certain things like college or possible. With my emphasis on the O sounding like a nasally “ahhh”. Of course, being from the Midwest, I didn’t really think that I had much of an accent, but there are certain things I say that are very Chicagoan. People from downtown Chicago that grew up and live there still have a very thick accent. Very different from my own. It is similar to a New York accent. Kind of tough, know what I mean, Vinnie?

In my adventures in Calgary, sadly, I did not meet the Queen. Turns out that she is the Queen of England. Huh. Stealing someone else’s Queen. Interesting. I hear that they do have a Prime Minister. But who’s is it? France’s? Just kidding, folks. I KID, DON’T SHOOT! I do know someone that works at the University of Guelph. That is pretty cool. Not everyone gets to work with Gnomes and Elves at the same time.

Anyways, I LOVE CANADA! I want to have dual citizenship! I want to be able to say Eh! freely without funny looks. But especially, I want to meet Captain Dumbass.


3 Responses to “I said I’d be bach”

  1. Captain Dumbass June 11, 2009 at 11:11 am #

    Sounds like the Canadians you were hanging around with were hosers, eh. And Z’s? Most people don’t really care, and we go back and forth depending on their use. Nobody would say, Zed Zed Top for example. The Queen is also the Queen of Canada since we parted with England on good terms, unlike others.

    Now, be nice or we won’t let you back.

  2. kweenmama June 15, 2009 at 11:22 pm #

    One of my neighbors grew up in Canada. She doesn’t say any of that…guess she learned the REAL English! 🙂

  3. kirsty815 July 5, 2009 at 4:39 pm #

    LOL I’m Bach too!! Great post! We brits also spell differently adding a “u” quite often in words like Colour. It took a little bit to adapt in school when I first came to the states, kept getting red ink on my school work. I’ve never been to Canada but I heard it’s lovely!!

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