Still kickin’!

25 May

Hey, Everyone! Happy Memorial Day! Just wanted to let you know I am still here. What has been going on with me?

Work! I have 3 conferences I am working on and other meetings at work. I am also leaving for Calgary next (this?) Saturday for a week-long conference.

Big A’s been busy at school as well with year-end activities. We have been doing that at night – when I don’t work late!!

Mother's Day 002

Two friends are getting married and I have family coming in to stay for a week (holla, Sherri-Bob!) and another friend is having a Cystic Fibrosis golf outing that we attend. May is full of birthdays – Big A’s, the MIL, and others that I have had to shop for and attend. And it is hubby and my anniversary on Thursday! Happy Anniversary, honey!!

Also I have had surgery on my left pinky finger so I haven’t wanted to type a whole lot extra. Back in April, I caught my finger nail in the fabric of a sweater I was trying to stretch out. Well, I stretched my finger, too and thought I broke it! The x-ray didn’t show a break, but it did show a benign tumor/cyst on the tip of my pinky bone, called an Enchondroma. So about a week ago, I went in and had it removed. They advised excision because if at any time I should put too much pressure on it, it would break the bone. So they cut into the side of my pinky where cosmetically you won’t notice a scar and where also, by the way, I had a small fracture. Now I have a shell of a bone there and it will take 6 to 8 weeks for the bone to fill back in where the tumor was. But it will grow back, isn’t that amazing? Anyways, currently, I have to be careful not to bang it around and smash it.It is still kind of swollen and deflated looking since there is really no bone in there. When I first took off the bandage, I almost passed out. It looked a lot worse at that time and was much more swollen. I thought I was going to be deformed forever!

Misc 004Misc 005

Seriously, more could not be filling my time! I hope you are all well and I hope to be back in a couple weeks! I miss you!!


3 Responses to “Still kickin’!”

  1. Otto Mann May 26, 2009 at 7:25 pm #

    good luck on your trip to Calgary this weekend!

    Hope your finger heals too. 😦

  2. kweenmama June 1, 2009 at 1:06 pm #

    EEEEWWWW on the finger!

    Have fun in Calgary!

  3. Captain Dumbass June 9, 2009 at 10:53 pm #

    Hey, nice zombie finger. Did they seriously let you into my country?

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