Where have I been all your life?

15 Mar

Again, I apologize for being mostly away for so long. Do you want to know why? Are you sure? I will tell you – don’t doubt it! The reason is: Life. It goes on whether you have time to blog about it or not! Most of the time I feel guilty for not getting on here more often to blog and to read my favorite blogs. I haven’t forgotten any of you! I have just been too darn busy!

This year, already I have traveled for work 3 times. Twice to Florida – yay me – and once to Baltimore, MD. Hubby has traveled twice, as well. There was even a two week span where hubby was gone for 4 days and then I left 2 days later for 4 days. It was insane! So, obviously in those two weeks I didn’t have time to blog! I didn’t have time to breathe.

So, I will now sum up what has been going on in the D.M. Wright household. We will start with Big A:

He is doing well in Kindergarten. He loves the kids and the teacher and school in general. What he doesn’t love is practicing his popcorn words. These words are teaching him to read. In the beginning he came home with a popcorn box and the first word. I think it was IS or something like that. He has to cut out the word in the shape of a piece of popcorn and stick it in the box. Then when we read to him – everyday for at least 10 minutes *snort* – we are supposed to point out his popcorn words so he is helping us read. It is very effectual.


Except on those nights when he is too lazy to try to think of what the word is. He is just guessing and not actually looking at the letters to see what it could be. I know he sees a three-letter word and guesses CAN because he knows that is one of his popcorn words. When we are reading, I stop my finger on a popcorn word and I get a big sigh and the look. The look says, “Just wead da damn book, mama. I want to know how da storwee ends.”

Daddy took him to his first Spring Fling dance at school on Friday night. He loved dancing, I guess. Here he is sitting on stage.


I stayed home with Little A because he had just started to get a fever and he was wheezing. Plus, I wasn’t really excited about going to the Spring Fling, I must admit. The theme was Going Green and everyone had to wear green as well. The week before we had to make a paper plate “earth” and decorate it to show how our family was “green”. We covered ours in aluminium foil to make water and then glued the green apple jacks to that in patchy places to show land. We even tried to make America on there. (Tried being the operative word.) Then we cut out off some symbols for recycling that we could find ( they are on every container that you can recycle, obviously) and we glued them in the water. I’d show you a picture of it but it is at the school as a decoration for the Spring Fling. I think it turned out cute. If you look closely at the pic above, you can see some of the “earth” plates on the walls. Try to find Big A’s – LOL. At least Big A had fun.


On to Little A! He finally went to the allergist and we discovered that he is allergic to the following: peanuts and tree nuts – big time! We now have to carry around Epi pens – shellfish and any other fish, soy, eggs, plus mold, dust mites and other environmental things. But the good news is that he hasn’t vomited in a long time and seems to be out-growing the problem. And he loves Calamari and doesn’t seem to re-act to it (that we can tell). He hasn’t had it since that allergy was diagnosed, but before that he ate it all the time!

He started pre-school in January. We are sending him to the same one that Big A went to. They put him in the toddler room for a bit because he still wasn’t fully potty-trained. He is doing much better now and mentally was ready for the actual pre-school with Miss Laura. He started in there last week. Which brings us to who’s birthday it was – I am sure most of you know and celebrated – Dr. Seuss! So the kids made hats and read his books and watched some movies.


Then started the St. Patrick’s day shenanigans. The Leprechauns are back! And they are naughty things! They have changed pudding green, put mustaches and eyebrows on the cubby and mailbox pictures of the kids, made messes! But there are some good ones that have left green candy and chocolate coins and apples. We shall see what happens this week! Last year, one must have gotten into Big A’s clothes and came home with us. They were mischievous and Big A tried to catch them in a little house he made. They like marshmallows so he put some in the house to lure them in. We set it out one night and when he went to check it in the morning, all he found were some green Hershey’s kisses that they left behind and a note. The note said, “Nice try, sucker!” Just kidding. It really said, “Thanks for the cool house! Love, The Leprechauns!”


So far, we haven’t seen any this year. But I think they will probably be seen on St. Patrick’s Day. I will keep you posted.

Hubby is moving along as usual. Working, traveling, etc. Nothing that new to report. He started sporting a new do a few months back and a beard. But now he has shaved the beard to prepare for Spring. I like his smooth face much better! People were calling him Grizzly Adams!


Then there is me. I have just been working too much. With all the traveling and training I have been doing, I get behind in other work and it takes awhile to get caught up. I work at night after the kids are in bed while Hubby and I watch a show off the DVR – like 24 or CSI or LOST!!!

So, suffice it to say, I am beat. I am exhausted from work, have even been sick off and on and so when I do have a minute, I just want to relax. Last night Hubby and I went out on a date! We left about 7pm to go to a newer restaurant called Cooper’s Hawk. It is a winery/restaurant/gift shop. It was a neat place, but the wait was 45 minutes. That was all right with us. We looked through the gift shop, debated about if we wanted to try some wine at this little tasting area, walked around, tried some Double Chocolate Raspberry hand lotion, ordered me a Key Lime Martini, waited some more, used the bathroom twice, sat on a bench, called my friend, updated our Facebook statuses, waited, stared at the hostesses, plucked a menu off their stand – damn, it was the wine list – put it back, took a mint, took a toothpick, walked through the gift shop again, watched some other people that got there before us throw the damn pager at the hostess and leave, took their seat on the waiting bench, debated about whether to leave since it has been 1 hour and 20 minutes and was now 9pm, decided to stay – how much longer could it be? They close at 10pm -, waited, I think I actually stood up to leave and hubby pulled me back down, waited some more, and finally got seated at 9:15! Whew! We got a nice comfy, big booth with an awesome view of the CVS Pharmacy and a couple that really needed to get a room. I said they probably had just started dating – maybe two months. Hubby said he was a man-whore and she was paying him to be so attentive. He was awfully attractive, but he wasn’t dressed that nicely to be one and he paid the bill. But what do I know? She was dressed more appropriately to play that part…

Anyways, we had a wonderful dinner and got home at 10:30pm to one sleeping angel, and another one who was pretty sleepy, but still awake. They were good for the sitter – Auntie B – and then went straight to bed.

Today we are going to go see a movie at the theater that has $5 movies all day Sundays. We’ll see how Little A behaves.

Hope you all are doing well and I will comment soon!!


9 Responses to “Where have I been all your life?”

  1. Jan March 16, 2009 at 10:18 am #

    Do you see what a little guy he is, your house makes him look big. I will wait and see what he tells me about Spring Fling.Just think you have 12 more years to go and 14 years to go with Little A. Isn’t that exhausting, no wonder you are tired. You need to catch some quiet time and trying to run the clock around, you can’t do it all. Don’t you read the reports, Moms can’t have it all ? The blog is very funny but true.Have to take time to smell the flowers!

  2. HeatherPride March 16, 2009 at 12:21 pm #

    You guys HAVE been busy!!! I hope you get to slow down soon. I think I need to try popcorn words with my son – what a good idea!

  3. kweenmama March 16, 2009 at 9:28 pm #

    Glad to hear you and your honey got to go on a date (too bad you had to wait so long at the restaurant). Those times alone are so important. Blog when you can, your family is your top priority. We’ll all understand.

  4. Kirsten March 17, 2009 at 10:09 am #

    You should’ve called when you were in FL we couldn’ve met up well if you were in the Tampa area..lol
    Sight words are a pain in the ass, Meg always looks at the first letter and then names all the words that start with that letter…lol

    I hear ya on being away from here, I’ve got stuff to post I just am either to busy or to lazy..lol

    Take Care

  5. Sammanthia March 18, 2009 at 7:43 pm #

    Are you taking any trip for work to Kentucky any time soon? We can hang out at Walmart, drink hard lemonade, and make fun of all the mullets!

  6. dmwright March 18, 2009 at 8:55 pm #

    Thanks, ladies!! You will all be happy to know that I took a day off today (not only because of the achy, head cold I have) but because I did need a break. I have been running around like a chicken without it’s head.

    I am trying to keep family most important, of course, too, but there is always that little blog guilt 😀

    I was actually in Jacksonville once and Orlando once – Tampa is a bit aways, right, Kirst? I know Sprite’sKeeper is somewhere in FL, too. I would totally love to meet all of you!!

    And Sam, I am actually going to be in Covington, KY twice this year – is that anywhere near you? It is on the border of KY and Cincinnati. Right on the river!! I would love to drink some hard lemonade and make fun of mullets!

    And I will be in Calgary, AB, Canada in June if anyone lives there – LOL

  7. goodbadandugly2 March 18, 2009 at 10:29 pm #

    But blogs are a priority, right? HA HA
    just kidding. Your boy is cute! 🙂

  8. kweenmama March 20, 2009 at 6:56 pm #

    Hey, just letting you know I fixed the recipe on my blog. 🙂

  9. Sprite's Keeper March 20, 2009 at 10:21 pm #

    I love updates like this! I feel all caught up now! Glad you’re doing okay. Sounds like everything is going smoothly. And your boys (all three of them!) look great!

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