Did you mean: I can’t spell and I am a perv?

4 Mar

At some point or another, everyone posts the weird search terms that land people on their blogs. I couldn’t be left out. Here are my terms below. The number next to the term is that many times someone searched using that term.

jensen ackles   8 – Well, who wouldn’t search him – ow ow!

bert   5 – ok, that is fair

dmwrightbooks   7  – obviouslywoohoo! 7 people are interested in my blog – yay me!

troll dolls   3 – yes, I did post something mentioning them

wearing glasses   3 – yes

troll doll   2 – in the singular or the plural

jensen ackles 12 2 – don’t know the significance of the 12..

funny christmas poems 2 – that’s me

blackbarry curve 2  – Did you mean: blackberry curve?

chatting with g.g,@ wordpress.com 2  – that is my mama looking for her blog, I think

he is the lightning bolt 2huh?

ugly crazy hair 2 – thanks a lot

“rebekah banks” poetry 2 – interesting

my limousine experience 2 – go on

i got a dollar hey hey hey hey song 1   – that tooth fairy magic

chatting with g.g. a wordpress.com 1 – mama, again…

mess 1  – well, I am sure you are no prize either!

“cowboys and indians”+”tied her” 1  – what?

mario lopez boat 1 –  don’t blame them, either…

high school friend poems 1 – must be some of my peeps from high school looking for me!

“first day wearing glasses”   1 –  again

mario lopez 1  – yummy

big hips dvds of young beautiful aunties 1  – perv!

jelly peanut butter 1 – understandable

graciouslady,wordpress.com 1 – mama, make it a favorite! (Graciouslady is her profile name)

books cause dangerous thoughts poster 1  – not mine!

diamond jewelry 1

kid+book+mess 1

gilbert blithe   1

arby’s commercial, wife bedroom chicken 1 – great commercial!

had my eye exam and got glasses 1 – a theme, obviously

child mess 1

head shots mario lopez 1 – Somebody needs a cold shower!

arby’s “commercial” in bed arby’s uniform   1

“curves smart machines” 1

pink taco 1

wright light bown+books 1 – ??

“please help me” “find my father” -war – 1  – !!

six flags’ books 1

the wiggles six flags age  1

man hair poof 1  – I don’t even want to know

crazy hair 1   – Ok, I get it!

“however, if she is menstruating or meno 1   – T. M. I. !!

curves smart 1

“eye doctor” glasses 1 – get your damn glasses, already!

calories burned from a day a six flags   1

i love pink taco underwear   1  – really?

poems about a lake house 1

maricruz Avalos   1  – this girl searched herself and I am using her name in one of my books. Weird.

aimee jaguar book excerpts 1  – ?!?!?!

bad 003   4 – I think it’s sad when someone can search the word bad and it ends up at your blog 😦

peanut butter hershey kiss cookie recipe    1

funny troll doll picture   1

jack handy   1

jack handey deep thoughts   1

astigmatism   1

“they say laughter is the best medicin   1

night before christmas poem   1

beautiful valentine’s day flower wallpap   1

tiger-woods “tlc laser center ”   1 – Love, love, love LASIK!!



2 Responses to “Did you mean: I can’t spell and I am a perv?

  1. HeatherPride March 5, 2009 at 4:12 pm #

    LOL @ pink taco panties!! That and the beautiful aunties DVD are total crackups!

  2. kirsty815 March 8, 2009 at 12:05 pm #

    Gotta agree the pink taco panties take the cake..lmao

    PS Love your new header pic! Very cute!

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