Peanut butter or jelly?

11 Jan

We made it through the first week of the year. It was tough. Big A was back to Kindergarten and Little A started preschool! I am tired – I pack so much into the morning that I am exhausted before I even get to work!

6:30am – wake up, shower and get ready

7:15 am – wake up the boys

7:16 am – discover Little A’s diaper leaked and change the sheets

7:25 am – argue about what the A’s want for breakfast

7:30 am – make breakfast for the A’s – usually peanut butter toast for Big A and jelly toast for Little A – neither one of them likes them together!

7:45 am – help Big A get dressed, yell at Little A to hurry up and finish eating (slowest eater in the world, I swear)

7:50 am – clean Big A’s glasses, put finishing touches on myself, force the last bite of food down Little A

7:55 am – get Little A dressed and hair combed

8:00 am – ask them if they brushed their teeth. No, of course not. Make them brush their teeth

8:05 am – help them put their coats, boots, hats and gloves on and start the car

8:10 am – buckle them in the somewhat warm car while I clean off snow

8:15 am – still cleaning snow

8:20 am – see Big A onto the buss when it arrives

8:22 am – head to Little A’s preshcool

8: 35 am – drop off Little A and stay collected when he throws his big, teary eyes at me as I am leaving

8: 45 am – sit down at my desk at work and sigh

Whew! Somehow I work for a few hours and then go to Curves for a workout at lunch. Then work for a few more hours, pick up Little A and go home to relieve GG from watching Big A for the afternoon. GG is having a much easier time with just Big A and is making his afternoons educational as well.

So far, the preschool thinks Little A is wonderful (not afraid to tell them how he is feeling or what he wants or what he thinks) but is wonderfully behaved. I give them another week. They are even helping potty train the boy. They deserve front row seats in Heaven!


7 Responses to “Peanut butter or jelly?”

  1. sammanthia January 12, 2009 at 12:06 am #

    Sometimes my kids will lie and tell me they’ve brushed their teeth and when they haven’t. They think I have magical powers when all I do is look to see if they’re toothbrushes are wet. Amateurs.

  2. sammanthia January 12, 2009 at 12:08 am #

    I totally annihilated that last comment with typos. Now it’s going to bother me until you write another post and bury it.
    I’m waiting.;)

  3. graciouslady January 12, 2009 at 10:13 am #

    If it wouldn’t snow so much the early workout would be more beneficial. Can’t wait to see if this week is better, the same or sad. Trying to keep Big A occupied is going to be a gigger hurdle. Little A has learned to roll with the punches, he has had a terrific teacher in his bro.

  4. dmwright January 13, 2009 at 7:10 pm #

    Sam – I just can’t think of anything more to write. I am spent! You will have to live with your typos – lol!

    Graciouslady – Little A is doing great in school this week. No more sad! But from what you said today, Big A was a naughty boy!!

  5. Otto Mann January 13, 2009 at 7:20 pm #

    I love pb and jelly sandwiches!!!

  6. kweenmama January 14, 2009 at 9:59 pm #

    Whew! I got tired just reading that! I remember those days…now I deal with teenagers and I am STILL just as worn out at the end of the day.


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