Twelve Posts of Christmas – Post 2 – 2 People Married

23 Dec

Post 2 is about Hubby. Today is Hubby’s birthday! He is a whopping 35 years old. (Don’t tell him I told you.)

So I thought I’d write about how we met.

I met him on the phone of all places. He worked for the same company as I did but in a different state. I really called a co-worker of his and he was goofing around and answered her phone.

We started emailing, then chatting on-line, then talking on the phone…this went on for months. Then on Easter weekend of 1998, he came to visit me for the first time. This was also the first time we really saw each other as well. Or at least that I saw him. He had seen my picture in our company magazine, but I had never really seen him – just some vague pictures that he had emailed me. This was back in the aol days and not on the greatest computer.

Back to our first meeting – as I sat at his gate at the airport, my heart raced. What if he didn’t like me in person? What if I didn’t like him? What if we had awkward silences? What if he was ugly? What if he didn’t like my family? What if my family scared him? He was meeting them all in one big hunk on Easter, and as you know, I have un familia gigante!

His plane was finally letting people off and I watched each man come out of the gate. My heart racing even more; my mind racing even faster. “I hope that’s not him. Oh, I hope that’s not him. OMG, that better not be him!” When he finally walked off, I knew it was him, and I grinned. He was cute. I breathed a sigh of relief. I already knew that I liked his personality. I had made up my mind that looks didn’t matter. I am not in a position to be picky by any means, but still…

He walked up to me and gave me a hug. He was such a gentleman and actually asked the night before if he could hug me when we met. I said, yes, obviously. After that, it was as if we had known each other forever. We got along very well and when the weekend was over, I was sad to say goodbye.

How were we going to know if a relationship would work if we were so far apart? I was in Chicago and he was in Atlanta. Neither one of us could afford to fly back and forth all the time to see each other. So, after some deep thoughts and conversations with mama, my boss and hubby (at the time he was just Will), I decided to move to Atlanta. It was a huge step for me. My mom moved with me and we got an apartment together. She was retired and looking for an adventure. My boss said she would arrange it so I could work in the Atlanta office so I would get to keep my job! Everything worked out perfectly. My mom and I found an apartment that I could afford on my salary and it wasn’t too far from Just Will’s apartment. We finally had a chance to see where things would lead in our relationship.

A year later, my job ended and Just Will got a new job in West Palm Beach, FL. So off we went again. This time, my mom decided to move back home with my sister. She wasn’t ready for the humidity and heat of FL. This was in 1999. As soon as I moved to FL, my job asked me to come back and test our database for Y2K. This made my mother happy as she got to see me more. The company flew me back and forth every weekend from Chicago to West Palm Beach, FL so that I could test for them. I stayed with my sister, Sherri-Bob, who also worked for the company and she drove me to the office every day. Then on Friday nights, I flew home to WPB and saw Just Will for two days and flew back to Chicago on Sunday nights. I did this for about a month or so. In May of 2000, Just Will asked me to marry him!

We got married only two weeks later and had a small wedding by the pool. Only our mothers were there to represent the family. A year later on our anniversary, we had a larger wedding with my whole family in attendance.

We lived in WPB for 16 months and decided that if we were going to start a family of our own, we wanted to be near my family for support. So in October of 2000, we moved to Chicago, and have lived here for the last eight years!

Honey, I love you and am thankful that you picked up that call that wasn’t for you that day. Even though at times you make fun of me and call me names like Tom Selleck and Sylar , or more recently Bert, when I need some waxing done. I love your sarcastic wit and your worldly cynicism. I love your gentle touch and your sensitive nature. I love your crazy hair. If you were smaller, I bet I could shake you and your hair would poof all over like a troll doll. Maybe you should dye it bright green or blue. Or better yet, rainbow colored like the troll doll I had when I was little. It’s funny when you get out of the shower and immediately your hair is dry and poof – troll doll. I love when you do the Homer dance and slap your butt every couple of shakes of your hips.

I love when you sing in the shower the melodies to real songs, but you make up your own words. I love it that you are understanding about when you come home and talk about work; that my eyes glaze over and my mind drifts off because I don’t understand tech-no speak. I love it when you do that to me when I talk to you about scrap booking. I love our give and take. I love that you gave me two crazy boys, just like you. (Why didn’t you make the little one stand in line for volume control?!)

I love you. Happy Birthday, hubby! I am looking forward to celebrating many more years with you!



One Response to “Twelve Posts of Christmas – Post 2 – 2 People Married”

  1. Jan January 5, 2009 at 11:09 am #

    No comments needed , he is a very great guy, hubby and Dad, I’m very happy that everythin turned out the way it did and we know who arranged in the most perfect way.

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