Twelve Posts of Christmas – Post 12 – 12 Things I Love Best About My Sister, Sherri-Bob!

13 Dec

I have decided to do a post for each day of the 12 days of Christmas. But I am going backwards from 12 and I am not counting Christmas Day because let’s face it, who is going to take the time to read my last post on Christmas? Yeah, people got stuff to do. So, I am starting on Day 11, December 13th. Hey – my blog, my rules!

My first post is going to be: The Twelve Things I Love Best About My Sister, Sherri-Bob. Because today is her birthday! And this is her present! (Poor Sherri-Bob, I blame the economy!)

To start off, please read this post if you haven’t already. It is about Sherri-Bob. Just to give you some history.

#12) My sister is a great listener. She was a pastor so she kinda has to be a good listener. Not only is she a good listener, she’s a good advice giver. If only everyone would take her advice! They would be so much better off!

Fun fact: Pastor-Sister Sherri-Bob married hubby and I on our one year anniversary!

#11) My sister can tease her hair like no one’s business. I was in awe of it when it was all the rage. I remember she had this special tool that had a pick on one end and a special comb on the other. It was blue. I tried to use it and I made a mess of my hair. That was the last thing my hair needed from me.


#10) My sister makes the best mashed potatoes. Seriously. It’s like magic. And when she makes chicken fingers with corn flake breading with those potatoes, it is like a symphony in my mouth. And honey to dip the chicken fingers in. Don’t forget the honey.

#9) She can be scary when needed. When I was in second grade, these bullies threatened to beat me up at the bus stop. Long story, actually, and quite possibly another post topic; however, she walked me to that bus stop and gave everyone the evil eye if they took a step towards me. She was even pregnant with Aimee-Bob at the time but no one messed with her. “No one.” *said in movie trailer theatrical voice.*

#8) She taught me many things in life. Many, many things. For example, coffee can taste palatable if you put enough French Vanilla creamer and sugar in it. I still won’t drink it, though. She taught me how to play Backgammon. What a great game – hey – next time we get together, sis, we need to play! She taught me how to put on make-up, how to braid my hair. She taught me how to use a tampon. Not physically showed me – ew – but told me – I thank God for this woman every month. OK, enough with the TMI…

#7) She is forgiving. Along with the listening comes forgiving. Pastors need to have that, too. She forgave me for dropping Aimee-Bob on the floor. Oh, she yelled at me, sure, but then she forgave me. I might add that this was a long time before she was a pastor, even. So then it is inbred. Forgiveness is in you – just let it out, people.

#6) She is very, very hysterical. I am waiting for her to write more on her blog, which is severely lacking posts. I know if she just got on there and wrote stuff, we would all be ROTFLOAO! Actually, Sherri would say ROTFLOBO. Sherri does not swear – not even in IM speak. (Mom, I will tell you what that means later.)

#5) She’s a great mom and grandmother. I don’t know it firsthand since I am her sister, but I see it. How can she not be, being a Pastor and all?

#4) Sherri has the biggest heart you ever saw. She is generous and kind to a fault. I never really knew what that phrase truly meant, until Sherri. She is so kind and generous that often it bites her in the butt. It goes along with that other phrase, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Try to wrap your minds around that one. It is true. For some reason, it is surely true. Even for a Pastor.

#3) Sherri is like a real live conscious. (I’ll just let that one simmer.)

#2) Sherri loves Anne of Green Gables, Jack Bauer and Veggie Tales. And, really, what is not to love about those?

Oh, we love you Gilbert Blythe!

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Larry the cucumber: I love my lips!

#1) And I love my sister, Sherri. She is one of the two best sisters in the whole world. I miss her dearly since she moved to Phoenix. Well, first she moved to Ladysmith, WI awhile back for some dude. Then she moved to Phoenix a couple years ago. It’s hard having half your family living across the country, but it’s a wonderful place to visit when it is freezing cold here!

Happy Birthday, Sherri! Don’t do anything you would usually do today – do the stuff I would do!! ROTFLMAO!

Love, your little sis



2 Responses to “Twelve Posts of Christmas – Post 12 – 12 Things I Love Best About My Sister, Sherri-Bob!”

  1. kirst December 13, 2008 at 9:28 am #

    What a lovely post! You did your sister proud, but she might kill you for the highschool throwback pic…lol

    Oh wait a minute am I first??? Woo Hoo!

    Me and my sis have a great relationship too. Wondering if it’s to late for me to give Meggers a sibling she’d be 7 by the time I had it. Ahhh guilt gotta love it.


  2. Jan December 15, 2008 at 12:11 pm #

    My eyes are dripping, too much sugar. I knew her a long time before you did. She always thinks you stole her career of being the baby. Ask her about her acting lessons on the toilet. L.o.l. I don’t know those other words.luv yu

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