The Verdict

10 Dec

I don’t think I have written much (or at all) about Little A’s problem. I will give you a history.

Ever since the docs okay-ed him for switching from formula to milk when he was 1, Little A has had a vomiting problem. At first we thought it was just milk or lactose intolerance. He did it when he drank milk and had ice cream, cheese, etc. So we switched him to soy milk and stayed away from milk products and he seemed fine. Then he would do it when he had hot dogs – bizarre! So we avoided those. Then it would happen whenever it felt like it at random times. He would vomit after he went to bed – I can’t tell you how many times I have had to clean his sheets and jammies! He would vomit at the dinner table, at restaurants, in the car. Sometimes after he gagged or seemed to choke on something he didn’t like. It made no sense.

Can you say nightmare?

We took him to his pediatrician. They said to see some specialists below because they weren’t sure what was causing it.

We took him to an allergist. They did some allergy skin tests and tested for the milk protein. He wasn’t allergic to that, but he was allergic to cats and dogs. What they did do for us was give us some prescribed ointments for his eczema which was really terrible. That helped dramatically!

We took him to an endocrinologist and they said maybe it is acid reflux and gave us a big old capsule of prevacid or some such medication for him to take. Opening it up and putting it in his juice didn’t dissolve the stuff and it ended up on the bottom of the cup. He couldn’t very well swallow that horse pill so we only did that for a few days. Hubby took him to this appointment and wasn’t really impressed with the doctor anyways. He said he didn’t sound like he knew what he was talking about. He wanted to keep Little A on this stuff for about three months and then see if he improved at all. Then if he wasn’t improving, he wanted to do an endoscopy to see what was going on inside. Well, he could go for three months anyways and not vomit. That wasn’t going to tell us anything.

Little A seemed to be doing better as he got older so we worried about it less. In the last few months, he has only vomited when he has a cold because of all the phlegm built up. He just had his three year check up and although we keep an eye on his weight ourselves, the doctor confirmed that he hasn’t gained any weight in the last year. He is growing taller so the doctor’s weren’t that concerned with it, but they recommended a couple of different endocrinologists than the one above so we could get an answer once and for all.

Of course, two days after his check up, Little A came down with a cold and it all started happening again. I made an appointment with one of the specialists his doctor recommended. We saw her about three weeks ago.

She took a different approach than the first one. She didn’t want to treat him for reflux if that wasn’t what he had. She suggested doing an x-ray and then an endoscopy first and then going from there.

We made an appointment for the x-ray and I took him in. He had to drink Barium. It reminded me of Kaopectate. Remember that white chalky stuff that you took for tummy aches as a kid? It didn’t taste half bad. This stuff was nasty. It’s bright white and then on the x-ray, it is black so they can see it coming down and going into his stomach. They noticed that he had some reflux going on, but otherwise it passed through his system just fine and they could see no obvious obstructions.

It was so sad to see him laying on this huge machine. All he wanted was for me to hold him and he couldn’t understand why he had to drink that yucky stuff. It was so pathetic. But I was strong and did not cry. I did get a lump in my throat, however.

On December 3, he had his endoscopy. My sister, Auntie D, went with me (hubby had to work). We got there and I changed him into this tiny hospital gown. The anesthesiologist came in and explained what they were going to do to him. It took all I had in me not to shed any tears. I knew he would be fine, but I felt so helpless. Innocent little babies and kids should not have to go through this kind of stuff. I thought about other kid’s who have worse sicknesses and diseases and was thankful that this was all he had. It helped keep the tears at bay.

For this procedure, they gave him a little medicine that made him loopy. He was shouting out the colors of the clowns on his gown and starting to slur his words after a few minutes. Then as they wheeled him away to put in an IV and do the procedure, he was looking up at the ceiling for clouds because the nurse told him they were going on an airplane ride. The medicine was also going to give him temporary amnesia so he wouldn’t remember anything that happened.

About two hours later, he was done and out and I asked what happened and he said “Nothing.” All he wanted to do was have a Popsicle. The procedure went well and we would get results in one week.

So today it has been one week. Two days ago, Little A got a cold and has been vomiting again. Today he has been all right, but did vomit once before his appointment. They told us he has EoE, or Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Yeah. What?

Basically, they found allergy cells in his esophagus. The cause is not known. Most likely a food allergy, or possibly another environmental allergy. Some patients will have other diseases such as rhinitis, bronchial asthma and atopic dermatitis. Maybe some eczema as well. He does have this asthma thing because along with vomiting when he gets a cold, he can’t breathe and gets really wheezy and we have to nebulize him. So that makes sense.

Symptoms include: Abdominal pain, Chest pain, choking/food obstruction, difficulty swallowing, failure to thrive/weight loss, nausea, reflux not relieved by anti-reflux therapy and vomiting.

So, now what?

Back to the allergist. He has to run a gamut of tests and see what he is allergic to. Hopefully it is only one or a couple things. Then we will have to remove them from his diet, of course. If it is not food, then what? Hopefully a medicine or an inhaler will work.

Keep your fingers crossed. My next step is to make an appointment at the allergist again. If this doesn’t get resolved, I might have to make one for a psychologist for myself!


4 Responses to “The Verdict”

  1. Jan December 11, 2008 at 9:36 am #

    Hopefully the little guy will outgrow it and be the happy little child that he is. Hint ( the psychiatrist is not a bad idea.) lol.

  2. sammanthia December 11, 2008 at 5:35 pm #

    Aw, poor little guy! I would have been a nervous wreck, too!
    I hope everything works out, and like Jan said, he outgrows it… I hope he’s feeling better now!


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