The D.M. Wright Family 2008 Christmas Letter

1 Dec

I decided to join SpritesKeeper’s Spin cycle. I think the cycle is an awesome idea, but just have been too busy with work the last few months to join in. Hopefully things will stay calm for awhile so I can keep up with it!! This week’s spin is what we would write in the dreaded Holiday Newsletter if we sent one. And no, you will not be getting one in the mail from me!! Enjoy!

Dear Friends & Family –

What a year 2008 has turned out to be! So many things have happened in such a short period of time. The years are getting shorter, aren’t they? It feels like just a couple of weeks ago that I sent last year’s letter to you!

Big A has had a big year. He started Kindergarten in the fall, but before that, he had to undergo multiple series of exams and tests just to enter the school. He saw his doctor/pediatrician for numerous vaccinations. He visited the dentist for the first time in his life and came out free and clear. He also made a trip to the eye doctor and learned he had an astigmatism and now wears glasses. Or doesn’t wear them as the case often is. He also lost his first two teeth. On a lighter note, he passed all the pre-SAT exams that they made him take and is already being scouted by the University of Illinois football team. We are so very proud. We will have Big A in football training camp all next summer and also have hired a private tutor. His teacher has actually suggested skipping him to the third grade. We are mulling it over.

Little A has shown some potential this year. His vocabulary is quite large for a three-year-old but we are having a little setback in the volume department. We are also quite certain that he has no social filters either. I have sworn off taking him out in public as anyone is fair game. I have had several close encounters. He will be starting preschool in the New Year – heaven help them. My mom has decided that he is too much for her to handle. She has been watching him and Big A every day (once he gets home from school, of course). I have already notified the preschool teachers of the horrors to come. They are getting a naughty seat ready just for Little A with his name on it. I only hope that all the other kids have had their appropriate vaccinations, including the rabies shot.

Hubby is doing awesome at his job at the computer discount warehouse. We expect to see his salary hit three figures in the next 10 years or so. He has been working closely with the Blackberry people in his division and has serious stories to tell about politicians and their habits. He also joined the YMCA this fall and has been going almost every day. I have to say, it is paying off. He is looking hott with that extra t. I am beginning to wonder if I should start worrying about him out in the world, being all gorgeous. On the down side, he got rear-ended, AGAIN, on Halloween. Something about him makes people want to ram their bumpers up his ass. He is all right, thankfully, and the car will be fixed this week.

I guess that leaves me. Can I just tell you that I am exhausted? Things were trucking along well at work – I have now been at the Association for over 6 years now. This year we had conferences in San Diego and Toronto. I got to spend some time with my good friends in San Diego and even hit the beach. But then at the end of August, a co-worker left the Association to find greener pastures. I ended up convincing my boss to restructure our positions and possibly acquire a few more dollars in my paycheck. It was like negotiating a hostile take over but in the end, he agreed and made me a Supervisor. Super-what? Visor. Can you believe it? Training my “department” of one, coincided with the biggest conference that our little Association has ever held with over 2400 people in attendance. Somehow we all made it though, but I worked myself to an early grave and am still coming down from the stress of it all. Next year I am gunning for Vice-President.

And now it is the holidays. Where did the last three months go? We are hoping that we have a less stressful year in 2009 and become closer as a family.

Wishing you all warmth, prosperity and happiness this Christmas season,

D.M., Hubby and the A’s.


8 Responses to “The D.M. Wright Family 2008 Christmas Letter”

  1. kweenmama December 1, 2008 at 7:52 pm #

    What a good idea! And loved your Christmas letter. Football scouting, the naughty chair and being rear ended all made me laugh. Not that your husband found being rear ended funny, but it was the way you told the story. Fun read!

    Thanks! You wouldn’t believe how many times Hubby gets rear ended!

  2. Sprite's Keeper December 1, 2008 at 8:55 pm #

    Awesome letter! Love the way you spin it! You’re linked and welcome back!

    Glad to be back! The Spin Cycle is the bestest idea ever!!

  3. Jan December 2, 2008 at 11:03 am #

    A laugh a day keeps the Doctor away (lol) You are too funny for words,it helps a lot when you know the top actors. Little A this morning is keeping up with my sighs and lamentations (lol). He keeps sayin “mercy” I guess that’s one word I use a lot rather than the other not nice words I sometimes say, a lifetime of pseudo cursing.I have resolved to remember to be nice. O by the way I had to make mashed potatoes for breakfast, O mercy.

    You cater to their every whim. If they grow up to be spoiled brats I am blaming you.

  4. kirsty815 December 3, 2008 at 10:30 am #

    Very cool letter! Glad to see you join the Spin Cycle!

    Thanks, Kirst! I have always wanted to join, but never had time! I am so happy to be part of it now!

  5. Debbie December 3, 2008 at 12:37 pm #

    Nice letter …. and we’re glad your in the Spin Cycle with us!

    Thanks for stopping by!! I’m glad to be apart of it, too!

  6. HeatherPride December 3, 2008 at 2:30 pm #

    Awesome first spin!! Such a great parody of the holiday newsletter too. I hate those bragadocious things! Have you ever seen one that wasn’t??

    No, I haven’t! I hate the letters, too! It was fun to make fun of them!! LOL

  7. sammanthia December 3, 2008 at 6:10 pm #

    LOVE IT! I thought you were being serious about everything and I was all, “Well, I learned how to drive a stick shift… big woo.”

    LOL! I would LOVE to be able to drive a stick shift! Your year tops mine, for sure!!!


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