I just can’t burp enough

7 Nov

“Kids say the darnedest things.”

Truer words were never spoken. Little A recently turned three in October. He is such a character. One morning a couple of weeks ago – maybe months, now that I think about it – where did this year go?! Anyways, I was getting ready for work and he strolls in with a pair of Bono’s sunglasses on.


He comes up to the bathroom counter and rests his arms on top of it and his head on his arms. After a few seconds he says, “Mama, I just can’t burp enough.”

I laugh and say, “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, I just can’t.” He looks at me in the mirror and asks, “Can you burp enough?”

I had to stop and think about what he was really asking. I drew a blank. I don’t think I can. Burp enough, that is. Really, can anyone? As I ponder the question, Little A has moved on to another task of removing all the dirty clothes from the laundry basket. He is a busy, busy boy.

At night he has stall tactics, like any smart kid does. Dozens upon hundreds of times I tell him to stop talking and get into bed. Put the toys away and get in your bed. Leave your sleeping brother alone and get in the bed. Quit playing with your toy hammer and get in that bed! Stop lining up objects like someone with OCD on crack and get in the damn bed!



After hours of this, I think he is finally settled in bed. I am on the computer in the office and I hear the swish-crinkle noise from his diaper coming into the room.


I sigh and turn to look at him.

“Yes, son?” I ask, with immense irritation.

“Sometimes I just can’t close my eyes.”

I stare at him. My irritation leaves. Sometimes he is just so darn cute and says the funniest things that I can’t be mad at him.

I carry him into his room and lie him on his bed. “Then leave your eyes open, OK? Just stay in your bed.”

“OK, Mommy.”

I cover him with a blanket and tuck him in.

“And this one.” He hands over a baby blanket he has in his bed. I cover him with it.

“And this one.” Another blanket magically appears. I cover him with it.

“Aaannnndd this one.” I stop and looked around for a secret passage way to the linen closet. My little David Copperfield. Put away the cleaning cart.

“OK, is that it?”

“Yes, Mommy.” He grins at me. He has my dimples but they are somehow much more cuter on him.

I kiss him. He wipes his face and says, “EWWWW,” with a giggle.

“Nighty, nighty,” I say.

“Nighty, nighty, Mama. See you in da mornin’.”

“See you in the morning. I love you.”

“I yuv you too, Mommy.” He waves and grins at me. Then as soon as I close the door, he hops out of bed and grabs his hammer.

I sigh.

I just can’t sigh enough.


5 Responses to “I just can’t burp enough”

  1. Wendy November 8, 2008 at 8:30 am #

    I understand. Oh boy do I understand. Maybe it’s something to do with being born in 2005. lol.

  2. kweenmama November 8, 2008 at 9:55 am #

    Glad to have you back! I’ve caught up on the posts I’ve missed (I’ve been extremely busy too). This is just too cute, kids DO say the darndest things. And it just makes us love them even more!

  3. kirsty815 November 8, 2008 at 12:00 pm #

    Aww he’s a cute wee lad. I had read somewhere that lining up items had something to do with autism but it was only one of a mulitude of symptoms like tippy toe walking, arm flapping, etc..

    Glad to see you back and posting! When are ya gonna write some more stories?


  4. dmwright November 8, 2008 at 7:05 pm #

    Thanks, Ladies! It is good to be back! Hopefully I will get some more stories up soon! Thanks for hanging in with me during these last few months!!


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