Who wants free stuff?!

14 Aug

I was excited to see a contest of sorts over at Kirsty’s My Life For The World To See. She reached 10,000 hits on her blog! WOO HOO, Kirsty!! I think I am at 800. Way to go, me….. =(

Anyways, the rules are simple:

1.  Leave a comment (make sure you leave a link to your blog so she can contact you if you win).

2.  Write a post about the contest with a wee linky back to the contest.

Then she will draw a winner and they will receive a $35 Amazon gift certificate! Then you can buy my book, Someday My Prince Will Wake Up! (Shameless plug!) You must do this before August 20th – the day of the draw!

So here is my post! Kirsty, I love your blog and think everyone should add it to their Blogroll. (Shameless plug! Pick me, pick me!)

OK, everyone now go to her blog and give her 10,000 more hits!!!

One Response to “Who wants free stuff?!”

  1. kirsty815 August 15, 2008 at 7:25 am #

    Awwww your super sweet! You have plenty of time to enter. Good Luck! Meggers is excited about drawing the winner.


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