My Birthday Weekend – Preface

25 Jul

Sunday is my birthday and I am going to be sooo old!! Just kidding – only 33. But, I don’t feel 33 – I feel more like 23. That’s good, right? Don’t get me wrong – I couldn’t party like a 23 year old. I think that would kill me. I guess I mean mentally. I feel 23 mentally.

The big weekend started at work today when my wonderful co-worker E brought in Munchkins from Dunkin Doughnuts and a present (!!!) and then she and another coworker, Teddybear, bought me lunch from Famous Dave’s BBQ. Pretty good stuff. Tonight, hubby and I are going to take in a light movie, The Dark Knight, while my wonderful niece “Auntie B” watches Double A (which is Big A and Little A). Sometimes I refer to them as the batteries. It’s cute.

Tomorrow, we are checking into a hotel in Lake Geneva that has an indoor water park. We will be staying there two nights with my mom and my sister and brother-in-law. The batteries love going there! They have a lazy river, water slides, pools, hot tubs, baby pools, an arcade, a movie room, cookies and milk time around the fire – you name it. All of the rooms are suites with a pretty full functioning kitchen so we’ll go to the Super Walmart and pick up some necessities after we check in. We are going to eat breakfasts and lunches in the room and then have dinners out. Tomorrow night is my birthday dinner and I have requested to go to the Texas Roadhouse. I love, love, LOVE that place. You throw peanut shells on the floor (not a good place if you are highly allergic to peanuts, people). And they have fresh baked rolls, with sweet butter – there is cinnamon or something in the butter – to DIE for! Then good salads, steaks, desserts – YUMMO! But I have asked my mama and sister to make brownies with our family recipe for chocolate peanut butter frosting for dessert instead of a dessert at the restaurant. Also in lieu of a birthday cake.

My hubby’s company has a golf outing every year and this year, of course, it falls on my birthday! 😦 So, he can’t miss it, right? So as a trade off, I suggested we come here for the weekend and while he is off having fun golfing nearby, we will be having fun swimming and lazing around the river.  So we’ll stay until check out on Monday (yes, that means we all get a day off work as well – WAHOO!) which is the fabulous end to my fabulous birthday weekend.

The only drawback I see right now is that I caught a lovely summer cold this week so my nose is running like a faucet, my head feels like it is full of cotton balls and my eyes can’t seem to open quite as wide as they normally do without the help of toothpicks. Ed I sound like dis.

Hope you hab a grade winkend, too! I’ll let you doe how my famulous winkend goes!


3 Responses to “My Birthday Weekend – Preface”

  1. kweenmama July 26, 2008 at 9:23 am #

    Bummer that you caught a cold just before your birthday weekend. Hopefully it will disappear quickly. It sounds like your plans are going to be a total blast! Have fun!

  2. kirsty815 July 29, 2008 at 8:31 pm #

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I totally read the end of your story like a bad Regis Philbin impression…lol Awww my fingers are crossed that your cold’s gone by the time your Birthday weekend begins. Definitely post and tell us all about it, oh and pictures I love pictures.


    PS Thanks for all your kind words on my pity me post :O)

  3. dmwright July 29, 2008 at 9:23 pm #

    Kweenmama: It was a blast! But the cold still lingers, the darn thing! I kept having to run to the locker rooms to blow my nose!

    Kirst: Oh, I just posted a recap! I will have to add some pictures now! Just for you 😀 You are welcome!

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