The Gigantic Book of Sex

14 Jul

So I took Big A and his best friend/our little guest for the weekend, P, to Half Price Books on Saturday. We read some books, looked at books, read some more books, and finally settled on some DVDs that had Kipper and Dora the Explorer and other Nickelodeon cartoons on them.

In the check out line, I was trying to keep my place in line while also corralling Big A and P. I hear, but don’t really pay attention to Big A asking me, “Can we buy this book, Mama?” I mean, how many times have you been asked that in the checkout line? I automatically say, “No,” and “Get over here” without really seeing what book he is talking about. I then see this older woman who is with her daughter and grand kids point to the book that Big A wanted to buy. She looked at Big A, and tisked and shook her head and said, “Look at that book he wanted.” The daughter looks at the book and looks at Big A in disgust. I am thinking, what in the world kind of book is it? I am waiting for them to look away before I snatch it up and read the title.

The Gigantic Book of Sex. My little baby, Big A, is only 5 years old. Now, he is on the tall side and has little glasses that make him look wildly intelligent but, he is only 5 years old!! I was in utter shock and a little embarrassed, I might add. Why would he want this book? He can’t even read! What made him pick up this of all books in the check out line and ask oh-so-loudly to buy it?! The only thing I could think of was the little cartoon on the cover of a hairy man with his pants down and a woman lifting up her dress – both showing their underwear.

I am outraged that this store would put such a book at the eye level of a toddler. I am more horrified that he even picked it up and announced his intentions to the store, of course. I think that we are in the beginning stages of that part of life. After this episode, I realized that he has been doing more things such as pointing and giggling at bikini-clad women on magazine covers, pointing out men mowing the lawn or jogging without their shirts on and saying, “EW, gross!” He is becoming more aware of the human body and I think that I have a long and embarrassing road ahead of me.

I am making Stubby take him to the stores from now on. I am going to stick with Little A, who still thinks it’s a laugh riot to burp.

Please pray for me.


One Response to “The Gigantic Book of Sex”

  1. Jan July 15, 2008 at 3:55 pm #

    So how come you didn’t have a conversation with the owner or the cashier? They have the children’s books all the way in the back. The woman should have been ashamed of herself seeing that he was a little kid and doesn’tknow any better. I tjink I would have acted outraged before he said anything. I guess you have to be more aware in all the stores, Jewel, Walmart and others that have sex covers on them. What are you going to do when the school puts him in sex education dlass and teaches him about homomsexuality. It’s coming sooner than you think, the last 5 years have flown by. A little boy should have the time to be innocent and happy go ludky and it’s going to take courage yo stand up against the ways of the world.

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