The Woods

12 Jul

The Woods

Once I took a walk through the woods,

To see what I could see.

I entered the opening very cautiously,

So as not to disturb any creeping things.

It was very dark and menacing,

With eyes throughout the trees.

I just knew something was out there

Waiting to pounce on me.

I crept slowly through that forest,

Looking left and right.

You wouldn’t have believed my fear –

I was nearly frozen with fright.

Suddenly, I heard a sound.

I twirled around and gasped.

I then perceived a horrendous figure

Equipped with a hockey stick and mask!

I ran and ran – out of those woods I flew.

I’ve never known such actuation!

And then I stopped and realized

That it was all in my imagination.

By D.M. Wright


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