The Lake House

7 Jul

Over the long weekend, we went with our friends to their family’s lake house in Michigan. It is supposed to be a four hour drive, but is usually about 6 hours. With little ones, you have to stop often, of course.

They have a nice house with five bedrooms and two bathrooms right on Center Lake. Stubby and I went with our two boys and my friend and her hubby and son. Then we met my friend’s parents, brother and niece at the house. It was probably at least five minutes when Little A fell into the lake. The water right in front of the house is very shallow, thankfully and the kids could all stand and have their heads way above water. However, when you fall in and aren’t a great swimmer, two feet of water could be scary. He was promptly pulled out and none the worse for wear! He did have some seaweed all over his head, but whatever… It was very nerve wracking for me afterwards to watch two five year olds, a three year old and a two and a half year old around the water. I realized that I need to just let go and let God, as the saying goes, but I was worried. I made Little A always wear a life jacket around the water. Stubby, however just let him run all over the piers when I wasn’t around. He was there with him and he never fell in again, but this caused some arguments with Little A who did not want to wear the life jacket.

It is a small town so they don’t have any special events for the Fourth, but they did have a boat parade. At 1:00 pm we took the boat that we so lovingly decorated out onto the lake and followed the other decorated boats around the lake in a little parade. It was really quite nice.
At night, someone set off fireworks in their yard and the whole lake came in their boats to watch. They even had a DJ (they were also throwing a big party) and he set music to the fireworks. He played Proud to Be an American. So amongst the three whining boys, the girl who bit the glow stick and got pink glow all over herself and my sweatshirt, the people cheering, the sounds of the fireworks – my tears were flowing. I am proud to be an American and proud of all our troops and oh, so very sappy, I know.

The weekend was great fun with sun, and swimming and too much food! My friend’s Dad is quite the cook and I loved every thing he made. We are going again in August and I can’t wait!


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