Wall E

30 Jun

So the hubby and I took the boys to see Wall E yesterday. What…a…zoo. Not just our kids – no – the whole theater took part. We went to a theater that has $5 shows on Sundays so that wasn’t bad. But to make up for the price, they charge you an arm and a leg for popcorn and soft drinks! My husband is now without limbs. I call him Stubby. It’s cute.

My five year old has been to a few movies before and knows how to behave, but this was the first movie for the almost three year old, Little A. He was pretty patient through the 8 previews we had to endure, but by the time the movie started, he was getting antsy. And he has a problem with vocal volume, or as most people like to say, “Inside voice”. He started talking during the movie and stating the obvious, as almost three year olds do. “Is that a robot, Mommy?” “Is that a robot, Mommy?” “How about that one, Mommy, is it a robot, too?” The family in front of us only thought it was cute the first ten times. Then it got annoying. About half way through he started stating that he wanted to go home and “Is it over yet, Mommy?”

Meanwhile, on the other side of Daddy, Big A was not being his normal attentive self. After every preview started he would ask loudly, “Is this the movie, Dada?” and “Where’s Wall E?” And halfway through the movie when Little A wanted to go home, Big A was proclaiming that it was too scary. At one point during the movie, I turned to Stubby to roll my eyes and found him doing the same thing.

I now know a few things that I had not known previously about kids and movies. I know that there are booster seats for them there – why did I not know that already?! What an amazing invention. I know that a sippy cup will roll approximately three rows in front of you before slamming into a man’s foot. I know that a five year old can not possibly sit through a one and a half hour movie without having to go pee pee right now! I know that popcorn butter does amazing things with an almost three year olds’ hair. And I know that M&M’s, though small in size, will attract the attention of people two rows in front of you when thrown at their heads.

You learn something new every day!

By the way, the movie was great – I highly recommend it! Five stars.


4 Responses to “Wall E”

  1. Jan July 1, 2008 at 10:22 am #

    Just like home without the audience. Little A shredded the M&M”s yesterday and smashed them on the couch. He pulled the lamp apart in the living room. He threw most everything he had to eat on the flroor.Today he is learning how to pull the chair over to get what he thinks is in the cabinet, plus. big screaming.Sounds like a big hit for a kids movie.

  2. Anonymous July 1, 2008 at 1:25 pm #

    Now I’m scared, it doesn’t bode well for trains!!!


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