27 Jun

OI! As I mentioned on my FaceBook this morning, you know it is humid outside when before you ever leave your house, your head looks like you belong on the body of a Chow’s! Goodness gracious, was my hair frizzy! Has anyone seen the Friends episode where they go to Barbados to see Ross speak at a conference? The humidity is so high that Monica’s hair just blows up and everywhere?

My hair was only slightly more frizzy than that today. It’s really quite embarrassing actually and I felt like everyone was staring at me. I had on a TON of hair product, too, and thought that would help, but I think I made it worse.

Does anyone know of any really good product that actually works?! I have already tried Frizz-ease. Don’t even suggest that! Frizz-ease does not even begin to ease my hair-frizz pain!

I really feel like a cave woman lately as I am going to get some areas waxed on Tuesday. They say it is best to have 10 days of hair growth before waxing. I am going to be hard pressed to convince the aesthetician that it is only 10 days worth of growth. I am getting my eyebrows, upper lip, under arms and a bikini wax. I have never done the upper lip or under arms. At this point I am on day 7, and is it ever scary! My husband is calling me Tom Selleck with the new mustache I am sporting, and I feel like I should fit right in in Europe with the under arm growth. I can not wait for Tuesday! My husband concurs!

One Response to “Humidity!”

  1. Jan June 30, 2008 at 10:39 am #

    What a jerk! You can’t help your hair whereverit’s at. You may need an anesthetic before it’s over but the eyebrows and lip were not bad. I love you anyway. You KNOW Who!

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