San Diego!

10 Jun

Well, I am in San Diego for a conference for my work. We handle registrations for this conference. The registration desk opened at 5:30 pm on Sunday night and is all day every day through tomorrow, Wednesday at 5:00 pm. We got in on Saturday around 2:30 pm. Our flight out of Chicago was at 10:20 but we sat on the tarmac for about two hours until take off. So a 3 hour and 52 minute flight turned into almost 6 hours on the plane. Some of the people with the conference had much worse a time!

We have been getting to see some of the city but only at night since we run the conference all day. We’ve been to Old Town and had Mexican food – yummy! We went to an Italian place on Sunday night and back to Old Town last night for more Mexican since it was sooo good. But it was a different place. We did a lot of walking and took the trolley and more walking…finally we get back to the hotel and did my feet hurt! After all day half on my feet in not so comfortable shoes, and then all the walking, my feet took a beating! So we decided to jump in the hot tub. I didn’t realize how literal that was going to be!

My coworker and I get to the hot tub and there are two girls in there already. We were waiting for a couple more people to join us so we are just loitering and checking out the pool, but then they closed the pool. The hot tub is open 24 hours so we finally use our hotel key to get in. Now, usually there is a ledge around the inside of the hot tub to sit on, right? Well, the jets are going and this one girl must have been holding herself up but I swear it looked like she was sitting on a higher ledge. So I just “step” in and then find myself up to my neck in hot water! I made a huge splash for a hot tub and totally startled the girls in there. Thankfully, no one was hurt – especially me. I apologize to the girls and one said, “Oh no, you just startled me.” Well, gee, imagine my surprise, honey!

I was hoping that our other friends joining us had not witnessed my baptism, but after the two girls left, we all re-hashed it over and over again. It was pretty funny. If it hadn’t have been me, it would have been my coworker, so I took one for the team! I am laughing still as I am writing this. It was a lot funnier last night, but I bet most things are after a giant Padre Margarita!

Thursday and Friday of this week we are staying to enjoy the sites so I will keep you posted on my next adventures! We are thinking of going to the Coronado Island. We are going to tour the island and take a bike ride and hit the beach – we shall see!

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