XStreamist’s Creed

29 May

This is a poem I wrote about twelve years ago when I was a youth group leader at my church. Our youth group was called XStream, which means Generation X – Sold-out Teens Radically Evangelizing All Men. One Saturday night a month we would have an “XStream Night” and would reach out to all our friends and pass out tracts at the mall and invite teens to our night. Then we would put on a mini church service and have singing, skits, a play and our youth pastor would give a message. The youth pastor at the time was Ricardo Sanchez. Now he is at a different church and so am I, but he was responsible for putting this all together. He asked me to write poems for our “Poet’s Corner” and I also helped write a few of our skits. The poem below was the one I wrote for our youth group:

XStreamist’s Creed

Joy surrounds me like the air

When I am in your presence.

I take a breath, I breathe you in.

You keep me out of darkness.

Eternity is how long

I am going to live.

Always I will praise you

For all my heart I give.

Salvation is the gift

That you have given to me.

And now with that awesome gift,

Forever I’ll be free.

Unity is the goal we’ll meet

If we come together in faith.

Then you’ll come back again at last

What a great and powerful day!

Sold out for the Anointed One

I am forsaking all.

Laying down my life

For the sake of God’s great call.

At times I may not see you

But then I look again

You call my name and say,

Go, and radically evangelize all men.

By D.M. Wright

Ricardo also has a couple albums out right now (he was also our Music Director at the church). Check out his myspace page to listen to the song that was the XStream’s theme song.



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    […] I won’t lie, I had a little crush on him. He was very talented and funny. The youth group, X-Stream, performed skits and things and I wrote poems that Jim performed as “The Poet”. He […]

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