Our Anniversary

29 May

Yesterday was my 8th anniversary of being married to my wonderful husband. It seems like 10 years! 😉 Actually we have been together 10 years – we started dating in April of 1998 and got married in May of 2000. Year 8 is linens and lace, so he got me this wonderful 20 piece “bed in a bag”. We have been looking at new comforters recently and have never seen any we liked or something that wasn’t one billion dollars. He did good. It really brightens up the room and it matches the color on the walls in our bedroom. He bought it on sale at Linens N Things. Click here to see it: Here.

We also recently purchased a new air conditioner and hot water heater. I thought this was going to be our present to each other, but then I ran across the receipt for his purchase at Linens N Things and began to wonder. I could not think of anything normal that he would buy there so I correctly assumed that it was an anniversary present. So I jumped on the phone and ordered him some cookies to be delivered at his work. He works at CDW and to put it simply, and in the words that he HATES, he sells cell phones. He does a lot more than that but I kind of glaze over and start hearing the calming waves of the ocean hitting the beach and seagulls crying when he talks about what he does at work. It is too “techy” for me to understand.

To get back to the point, I sent him some cookies from Cookies By Design. I use them all the time and they always turn out sooo cute. So I asked them to send him a basket of cell phone cookies. The card simply said “Call me. Happy Anniversary.” Its not very often that the men get flowers and candy and stuff delivered to their workplace so I wanted him to feel special. He sent me a beautiful flower arrangement on Valentine’s Day at work and it just makes you feel special, right?!

Here are the cookies I got him – they turned out so cute and actually taste pretty good:

I also got him a set of two skillets. He has been wanting a new one – he makes great breakfasts on the weekends for us. Thank you to my husband – you sweet thing!

All in all – a wonderful anniversary and I can’t wait for 10 more years! That gift has got to be awesome!


2 Responses to “Our Anniversary”

  1. yorgyb July 21, 2008 at 8:50 pm #

    Happy Anniversary….

    Remind me of my own wedding anniversary last month….

  2. dmwright July 21, 2008 at 9:01 pm #

    Thank you! Hopefully it was a great one! How many years?

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