First day wearing glasses

23 May

So Big A got his glasses last night. He looks sooo cute! And very smart. Kind of like a little Harry Potter sans lightning bolt scar. He loves them and is happy to be able to see better.

We walked into his preschool and everyone exclaimed over him and pointed out that he had glasses. None of the kids made fun of him, although after school he said someone called him Santa. Punk kid. But since Big A is very shy, he hates when everyone is looking at him. He hates being in the spotlight. On his birthday we sing to him but all kind of look away and not directly at him so he doesn’t get embarrassed. He’s getting better but this morning was difficult for him. As we put away his coat in his cubbie, he started crying. I had to explain that people just notice the glasses because they are new and that it was like a new shirt or shoes. All the kids are nice at his school and they really like him. The teachers are awesome there, too because they make a big deal about how handsome he looked and how smart he looked. He is the only one in the class that has glasses now.

The rest of the day went better and he said it was fine. Now we just have to deal with the tantrums when he throws his face on the floor. He has done it twice now and I think he bent the little frame over the nose already! *big sigh*

It’s only going to get worse….


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