Bra Party

15 May

Last night I had a bra party. It was a very uplifting experience! This lady I met at Curves, Carrie, came over and basically sold her product, Essential Body Wear. They sell bras, underwear, bodyshapers, etc. She takes your measurement and lets you try on a few different styles of their bras in your size. Let me tell you how amazing it is to finally be wearing the right size! One would think that you would know your own size, but without getting professionally measured, you are really just guessing. It was unbelievable! I was wearing a whole size and cup size bigger than I should have been!

Every single woman but one at my party bought a bra or something last night. It is so very important to be in your right size and the right style. There are things you don’t even think about that wearing the wrong bra could do to you. For example – if you don’t have the right support in the cups, then usually the straps are what is holding you up and if you are on the bigger size of the alphabet, those beauties can get pretty heavy! Those straps are digging into your shoulders and after years of wearing that wrong style, you can have permanent indentations there! Wearing the right style and size can help your posture, make you look 10-15 pounds slimmer, and even relieve back pain!

Let’s talk about the body shapers – wow! It was so comfortable and light. And it has hooks that strap on to the back of your bra for that extra guarantee that it won’t roll down on you in the middle of a reading at your cousin’s wedding. It does not dig into you anywhere and goes from under your bra to just above your knees. It covers most of your problem areas so that when you wear it, nothing pops out of the top or the bottom like most products such as these.
Women, I urge you to find a Bra Lady in your area and get measured! For more information, please visit:


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