9 May

My five year old needs glasses! I can’t believe it – my poor baby! We went to the eye doctor yesterday for his kindergarten check up and after being there for two and a half hours, the doctor told us he has astigmatism in both eyes and hyperopia. Which is farsightedness – but with him his left eye is such a big difference in perscription than his right eye. His left eye is worse. He might grow out of it and has to go back in six months for another check up. But for now, he has to wear glasses all day long. I bought these indestructable kind – hopefully they will be as his little brother is very destructable!

Next visit for the kindergarten check ups is the dentist. I am making my husband take him to that one – yikes. That is not going to be pleasant for anyone.

Meanwhile, the little one is having a bout of something he caught at Go Bananas. Fever, vomiting – uggh! That place is on my do not go list now!! Grrr. Actually, I think we need to put him in a bubble. He gets sick after we go anywhere!



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