Go Bananas

7 May

My five year old had his birthday party at Go Bananas. We had seven kids and about 19 adults. I just bought the package for basic rides and game play and no food. Well, they got free refills on drinks and some ice cream. It cost $15.95 a kid. I think that is highway robbery. If you wanted to add pizza to that and special things for the birthday child, it was $18.95-25.95, depending on how much you wanted to give the birthday child. That’s ridiculous!

But, he had fun and the other kids did as well. The pizza was good – we ended up buying for all adults and kids and some appetizers. And drink pitchers. Overall, it was nice, but pricey. You only turn five once, right?!

He got a ridiculous amount of toys and I thank all of you who gave to him! You are too generous! He loves the transformers, of course. But he can’t really transform on his own and I don’t have the patience. And there are so many pieces – oy!

We got him a bicycle for the summer. Looks like we will be riding a lot! I’m glad – I love to ride. Now we just have to get a little cargo carrier for the little one so Dad can drag him behind. I am looking forward to those outings.

So, please tell me, when do the terrible twos stop?? And can I just clarify that they don’t really start until they are three! The big one is always throwing tantrums over the silliest things. Every morning he doesn’t want to brush his teeth. He doesn’t want to move from the baby toothpaste to the kid paste with fluoride that you have to spit out. He doesn’t like to spit. What kind of boy doesn’t like to spit?? He has a tantrum about his shoes, his clothes, his breakfast. I am exhausted before I even leave the house sometimes!

The little one throws a few but not as many. And mostly he is copying the big one. I am slowly going bald from pulling out my hair. I think I am the only one that thinks of her full time job as down time from taking care of the kids. Is that sad or what? Is it wrong? I don’t know, but that is how I feel.

Anyways, Go Bananas. Fun times. Expensive times, but fun times. Check it out. TTFN!


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