28 Apr

I got back yesterday from visiting family in Phoenix. It was such beautiful weather. Nice and hot, but not humid. Then I come home and today it was no higher than 48 degrees and raining. I am cold now and can’t get warm!

Not only did I see my family: sister Sherri, bro-in-law Dale, nieces Aimee and Hannah, nephew-in-law Keola, grand nephews Anthony and Leland and grand niece Abbey – love you guys!! But I also did something I have been wanting to do, but too scared to do. Not only scared of doing it, but wondering what people would think if I did. Wondering if I was too old to do it. I got my nose pierced.

Yes, that is right. My niece Aimee did it, too. I finally decided that it was my nose and who the heck cares what other people think. If I wanted to do it, I should be able to, right? There are always the people that will say stuff behind your back about it – oh, how stupid. I can’t believe she did that, what was she thinking?? But I just have to remember that the same people have stuff said about them regarding other things and no one is not talked about, eh? And if people are talking about you, then you must be important enough to be talked about!

But seriously, I like it and think its cute. It didn’t hurt too bad. I keep saying it hurt more to get my nose swabbed for the flu this winter. I believe they got some brain matter because they stuck it up so far and the test came out negative. I was tested two days later by a kinder more gentler physician and the test was positive. So it looks like your brain can’t get the flu – phew! That would suck. That was the worst case of the flu I ever had!

Anyway, I miss Phoenix weather, I miss my family and I especially miss the waffles at the continental breakfast at our hotel – yum-mo!

Next time I will talk about night clubs in Scottsdale. What an experience.


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