Six Flags

20 Apr

Today we spent the entire day at Six Flags, Great America. My husband’s company always rents out the park the Sunday before the opening week at Six Flags. It’s sooo nice to be there with just the company’s employees and not everyone else from the entire Chicagoland area. The lines for the popular rides are much, much shorter and it isn’t so crowded as it is on “normal” days. We love this day every year – we never go to Six Flags again during the summer so we take advantage of it. However, we only get tickets for our immediate family: my husband, my two sons and I. The two sons being under the age of 5 – so that means if we, the parents, want to go on any roller coasters, we have to go alone. That is just not fun for me.

So what did I go on today? I rode the carousel, The Wiggles Big Red Planes, and the Wiggles Big Red Cars, some berry ride, the Loony Tooter train, the automated cars and Jester’s wild ride. Can I just tell you that I had the most fun on the Wiggles Big Red Planes?

My husband, on the other hand, went on the Iron Wolf and Superman. I’ve been on them, but would rather have another go at them with someone I know standing or flying next to me. While he was on the Iron Wolf, I shared a gi-normous pretzel with my boys. While he was on Superman, I got a Henna tattoo and really whooped some butt on Time Crisis 2 in the arcade. The park also turns on all the arcade games for free for us as well.

Then my husband also took Big A on the Loggers Run. It was beautiful today, but not warm enough for me to get soaked and then walk around the park with my pants hanging like I had a load in the middle! Big A didn’t realize that you got wet and went up and down a few hills. His daddy made it seem like it was just a lazy ride down a river in a log boat. Haha. Needless to say, they were soaked. I spent that time looking for a bathroom and picking up and putting on Little A’s shoe. He kept kicking it off with me not knowing it until some very nice lady yelled “Ma’am!” at me and came running after us with it. I never found the bathroom until they got off the ride.

They give us lunch too, but that reminds me of my high school’s last day of school picnic: green hot dogs, stale potato chips and watermelon slices. This was better, however; for we got some yummy potato salad and dinner rolls and chicken legs along with the green hot dogs and stale chips. Seriously, how bad can you screw up potato salad scraping it out of a bucket?

Anyway, the day was very fun until 4:45, almost closing, when Big A threw a tantrum because he didn’t want to go on the Fun Machine with me. So we decided he had had enough and left the park to throngs of kids crying that they didn’t want to leave. To ease their pain, we let on that there could be ice cream in their future and that seemed to get them out of the park and to the car where they promptly fell asleep and we had a quiet hour ride to Cold Stone Creamery. Thank goodness for Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip!

How was your day?


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