New Furniture!

18 Apr

So we got a new dining room set today! I am so excited but at the same time I am worried the kids will destroy it! Little A is unbelievably destructive with everything. Right now he and Big A are picking up puzzle pieces that he threw all over the room after ripping off the little tips. Now they can’t put the darn puzzle together again because all of the pieces are broken. In the same time frame, he ripped the cover off a book that somehow made it from 1973 or so from when his daddy was little (in pretty good condition, too) to our house. Now, ruined. He throws toys all the time. My mom is worried for her safety because one day he whipped a toy at her head and she saw stars. She thought she was going to pass out. He does have an arm on him. His Daddy is trying to teach him to throw left handed as well.

Anyway, dinner is going to be fabulous on our new table and chairs!


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