14 Apr

Why is it such a big part of our lives? Why is food so important? Why can we not just look at it as something our body needs for fuel and forget about how good it tastes and how wonderful it smells?

Since I am trying to lose weight, I probably think about food 75% of my day. I am either thinking about how many calories I have eaten, am going to eat, or burned so I can eat more. I think about what I am having for lunch, what I should make for dinner, if I have gotten all my food groups in, are the kids eating healthy enough, what I should eat tomorrow and most importantly, do I have enough calories left for dessert?!

We eat right and exercise to stay healthy so we can live longer lives. But what is the point when tomorrow could be “D” day as we are hit by the proverbial bus? But darn it, we are going to make dead look good!

Everything in moderation – that is what “they” say. Its true – have that piece of cake, just don’t over do it. Find something to do with your hands if you want to eat something you shouldn’t. I try to play the piano, write or surf the net. You can’t do any of that stuff and eat at the same time. Or if you have a special someone – go “do it”. That will take your mind off eating for awhile! At Weight Watchers they do say if you are hungry for something, wait 20 minutes before you eat it. If 20 minutes later you still want it, go ahead and eat it, but usually you’ll find that you were just bored and weren’t really hungry.

At the beginning of this blog, I wanted some M&M’s. Now I don’t really feel like them anymore. What I could use is a great night’s sleep! That will help you lose weight, too.

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite! Or maybe you should, every little bit helps to get that weight off!


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