4 Apr

So, I go to Curves like almost six times a week. I really enjoy it and can tell a difference with these new Curves Smart machines. Man, does it work! If you don’t know, Curves is a 30 minute workout place for women. They have these weight resistance machines and then between every machine there is a board thing. I am drawing a complete blank on what it is called, but anyway, you run in place, jog, knee lift, etc on these boards – recovery boards, that is what they are called! Even though they are recovery boards, you really work cardio on them before the next machine. Every station is 30 seconds. You can really get your heart rate going if you try. So on my best workout, I burned 648 calories, can you believe it? I love, love, LOVE Curves.

I go there after work, but in the mornings, I either do Hip Hop Abs (stop laughing, its fun) or pilates. I wake up at the gawd awful hour of 5:30 (well, anywhere between that and 6:00 am) to do these. Reason being, when you have two kids it is hard to find a time to work out. They always want to sit on me if I am on the floor or run around the room and get in the way. I’d rather have peace and quiet in the am then that!

But I am so tired….

Back to my point of this post – the wonderful, wonderful manager, Monica, at my Curves let me put up a poster and sell my book there. And she is reading it. So far I have sold two copies. I put up the poster on Tuesday. Those ladies are so great! Thank you, Monica!!


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